Asked on Jun 10, 2015

How to fix drill holes in hollow wood cabinet doors

Debra Shilder
by Debra Shilder
I have not had hardware on my builder grade cabinet doors for over 30 years. I decided to put handles on the doors not realizing that the doors were hollow. The drill went through too hard and fast elongating the hole by mistake. The handle is attached but there is an unsightly hole beneath the bottom of the handle which is very noticible. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix the hole in my hollow wood cabinet door?
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  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Jun 11, 2015
    Hi Debra- I am hoping its just one hole and not on all the cabinets! If it is a small hole, just use some wood putty-the kind that says "paintable and stainable". You might need to put something in the hole to fill up the space to give the putty something to stick to-like some squirt hardening foam. Squirt it in, level it off then wait til it hardens. Then patch over it. Once the wood putty is dry, you'll have to find a stain that is as close a match as possible. Or you could add some backplates to the knobs that are large enough to cover the hole.
  • Mark Mark on Jun 11, 2015
    Put a pretty washer under the knob.
  • Debra Shilder Debra Shilder on Jun 11, 2015
    It is only one handle I don't want to put washers under the other 36 holes tho
  • Jeanine Jeanine on Jun 12, 2015
    Since its hollow id use some of that spray expandable foam. Once it seeps out of the hole you want fixed, sand then do a touch up..
  • Susan E Susan E on Jun 12, 2015
    I would never have considered expanding foam. Thank you @Debra Shilder for asking and everyone else for answering!
    • Debra Shilder Debra Shilder on Jun 12, 2015
      @Susan E Thanks to everyone who gave such great ideas, I think I'll try the foam and hope the stain takes to match. I'm sure that will be the fix I was looking for.
  • Pat Pat on Jun 12, 2015
    Is it a handle or a knob? If it is a handle, there is a ornamental plate that goes under it. Not sure that is what you are looking for.
  • Sherri Taylor Sherri Taylor on Jun 12, 2015
    You got to be careful with expanding foam. It can expand too much and distort the door. If you try it get the latex because it doesn't expand as much and you might be o.k.
  • Jadez Jadez on Jun 13, 2015
    i would try some wood filler applied w/flat paint spatula, let it dry, sand then stain/paint the area, should be good to go
  • Rosalind Duran Rosalind Duran on Jun 14, 2015
    Toothpicks, stick them in,break off point, sand down, should work