How to Weatherproof Your Vinyl or Wood Screen Door

by Kelly-n-Tony
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I've always loved the old fashioned screen doors. And the home improvement stores have a nice variety in a good price range. Something for everyone! The one problem with screen doors though is that they don't keep cold wind out in the fall and winter because they do not come with storm windows nor do they sell them. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!
All the home improvement stores have a variety of vinyl or wood screen doors in many styles and prices so check around! We found our vinyl door at Home Depot.

It's a great screen door in the summer but oh my gosh, in late fall and through the winter I really want to be able to have some windbreak when I stand at the door looking out.
So we bought a sheet of clear Plexiglas that covers the screen. The piece we bought was a little too big so we had to cut it down. If the place you purchase it from won't cut it they sell a tool that allows you to do it yourself. I'd say the trick to getting a clean break is scoring the Plexiglass deep enough with the tool.
We also bought these nifty mirror holder clips to hold the plexiglass in place. They come complete with the screws. The package we bought was a set of 12 but we only used 11 on our door.
Pre drill the holes then have someone hold the Plexiglas in place as you screw the mirror holders snugly into place.
Now you can stand at the door to greet guests when that bone chilling weather arrives! We are usually ready to put the Plexiglas back in by Halloween so we can keep the main door open and watch for trick or treaters. We take the Plexiglas out during the Spring and Summer and part of Fall and store it away covered so it won't get scratched. The mirror holders can stay in the door.
Suggested materials:
  • Plexiglass   (Home Depot)
  • Mirror holder brackets   (Home Depot)
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  • Judy Reynolds Judy Reynolds on Dec 03, 2017

    I can’t find the plexiglass that size on the link you provided. Any other suggestions?

  • Nicki Lindheimer Nicki Lindheimer on Jul 12, 2018

    Do you recommend a certain thickness of plexi? Thanks!

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  • Molly Molly on Sep 21, 2020

    I feel so silly! I have the exact same door and had the same idea to use a panel and mirror clips, but I was looking at inserts meant for storm doors that ran over $170. I'm heading to my neighborhood hardware store tonight to have plexiglass cut.

  • P P on Oct 02, 2021

    Walgreens & other places often have sales on LARGE frames for posters - 20X24 or 16x20 - although the plexi in the poster frames is thin, it can be scored to break or cuts very easily on a band-saw & might economically serve- maybe as two pieces- for the back of a screen door -

    • Jacque Jacque on Feb 29, 2024

      economical idea. People are always looking for a budget friendly idea.