Unicorn Spit on Leather.

Amy Nahirny
by Amy Nahirny
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A few weeks ago I posted a question about using the ever fantastic Unicorn Spit on leather. And since no one really had an answer to my question I decided to experiment with it. I got a bunch of scrap leather I had laying around and decided to test it out.

There are two ways of applying the Spit your your wood projects. The first way is wetting the wood and letting it marble and then there is the dry method and rubbing it in with your hands, so i do both of these techniques with the leather.

Since the leather is more porous than the wood, I figured the leather would be tricky, and I was right.

First I wet the leather in the sink but the water got absorbed pretty quick and the Spit didn't really do anything but sit there.  I sprayed the leather with a handy spray bottle and it worked much better. 
I also tried the dry method but the Spit didn't flow the way I wanted.
I also tried the Spit on a tooled piece of leather.  Tooling when you take a metal stamp and press it into to wet leather to leave a design.  I noticed that the Spit, even watered down, didn't have the right consistency for tooled designs.  You cant really see what I tooled, the Spit just covers up the design.

So if you tool leather, don't use Unicorn Spit its just too heavy for a design.  

I let my leather pieces dry overnight to make sure the leather was adequately dry before putting on the various finishes i had.

Now on to the sealing of the pieces.  I used 3 different products.  1 brush on polyurethane, one spray on on and tung oil.

The tung oil is what I prefer to use on my wood pieces. But it clearly didn't work here.  When it dried, it just dried cloudy and not appealing.

The spray on poly, which is a great product also didn't do well on the leather.  It dried hard and the Spit crackled and flaked.

Believe it or not the brush on poly was the best answer.  It dried nice and shiny, but also allowed the leather to be flexible with out cracking the Spit.  

So my recommendations would be to keep experimenting with Unicorn Spit and leather.  I would cut out my shapes and punch my holes before using the product and before putting the poly on it.

Next step for me is seeing how it looks as a piece of jewelry.
Suggested materials:
  • Scrap leather
  • Unicorn Spit
  • Brush on polyurethane
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  • Tisha Tisha on Jul 19, 2018

    Thank you for all this great information. One question... Do you think it would work the same on a leather clutch purse?

  • Heather Conrad Heather Conrad on Oct 10, 2018

    My daughter wants to be Mal from Descendants for Halloween and i was thinking of using US on a leather coat to use as part of her costume. Do you think this method would work?

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