Create a House Bed

Cute house beds are fun, but how can you create bunk beds in this style? Hometalker Jessica-Sara Morris decided to carry out this project. The result? A wonderful finished product for her kids. She used relatively few materials: woodcuts of different lengths, paint, and screws were the main things needed. She began with the house-shaped ends. Get tutorial here

Build Train-Inspired Bunk Beds

Do you want to build your own bunk beds totally from scratch? Hometalker Ellen V carried out a project like this and decided to create a design inspired by her family’s love of trains. She designed it from the inside out and added some interesting touches such as hidden compartments. The finished train caboose bed is lovely to look at. Get tutorial here

Make a Bunk Bed Tent

Do your kids love the idea of sleeping in cool bunk beds with a tent over their heads? Hometalker Meredith Wouters found a great way of giving her daughter the sort of exciting bed tent that she wanted. The only supplies she needed here were 12 fridge clips, twin flat sheet, and some jute. In little time, she had created a secure bed tent. Get tutorial here

Re-use the Bunk Bed Ladder

What if you have an old bunk bed with a ladder that you no longer use? Hometalker Cynthia-Clockworkinteriors gives us a clever idea for how to re-use the ladder in a novel way: as storage space. She bought an old ladder, painted it with a custom mixed milk paint, then lightly distressed it with sandpaper. The end result can be used in many ways. Get tutorial here

Convert Bunk Beds into a Guest Bed

What happens to your old bunk beds when the kids grow up and no longer use them? Hometalker DIY Fun Ideas came up with a smart solution to this by converting a bunk into a welcoming guest bed. She removed the top bunk and put both mattresses together on the bottom bed. The next step was to paint the frame silver before updating the bedding too. Get tutorial here

Bunk Beds with Stairs

Before settling for a bunk bed with a ladder, you might want to consider the stairs instead. This is what Hometalker Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor- Renee did, creating easy to access beds even adults can use. The stairs have another neat touch too, as there is hidden storage space under the treads. Adults or kids can enjoy these bunk beds comfortably. Get tutorial here

Create Bunk Beds for Pets

Who said that DIY bunk beds can only be made for humans to use? Hometalker Morgan McBride decided that it was time for a project that would give the family pets a great new place to sleep as well. This was done by creating a couple of trays using plywood. The next step was to screw them together using posts, before staining the whole thing. Get tutorial here

Get the Industrial Bunk Bed Look

There are many different ways of building new bunk beds. Hometalker Tricia decided to go for the industrial touch by adding some sturdy galvanized steel rods as the upper safety railing feature. Below, she made a bunk bed with a desk, while there is also a bookcase at the side for added storage space. Baskets underneath complete the look nicely. Get tutorial here

Make a Desk for the Top Bunk Bed

Adding a desk to the top bunk might seem like an impossible task. However, Hometalker Shanice came up with an ingenious solution to the problem by fixing a table top to the wall alongside the top bed. She simply screwed a couple of brackets to the wall and to the table top, giving the upper bunk bed a sturdy desk that is extremely practical. Get tutorial here

Color-Coordinated Bunk Beds

What if the little ones in your family can’t agree on the color of their bunk beds? Hometalker Green Eggs and Goats settled this matter by color coordinating the beds to each child’s preference. The result is a bold, vibrant look. The three bunk beds they built were also designed to use the relatively small space available as wisely as possible. Get tutorial here

A Design for Several Bunk Beds

Does fitting enough beds into the room seem like it might be a problem? Well, Hometalker Nikki Grandy came up with a brilliant design that fits in four bunk beds as well as a couple of trundles. The work was done in three days. Making this a bunk bed with stairs instead of a ladder makes the bunks easier to access. There is even a hidden spot behind the stairs. Get tutorial here

Add Curtains to a Bunk Bed

Could adding curtains to bunk beds make them more attractive for the kids using them? Hometalker Two Thirty~Five Designs produced a neat project to paint her bunk beds and add curtains. After painting the bed, she used a tension rod and a shower curtain pole to fit the curtain. She left out the bottom mattress to create a play area. Get tutorial here

Use Built-In Drawers and Shelving

Is a lack of storage space looking like it will be a problem in the bedroom? Hometalker Dayoris Custom comes up with a smart solution by using built-in drawers and shelving in the design shown. They have used a pretty red and white peppermint stripe design to terrific effect. This stylish look includes two bunk beds and lots of storage space. Get tutorial here

Turn Old Bunk Beds into Benches

An old bunk bed can be re-used in a number of exciting ways. In this example, Hometalker Scott-Brenda Halverson shows us how to use part of a bed to create a stunning bench that will go on the landing. After cutting the different parts and screwing it all together, they painted the bench and let it dry before roughing it up and clear coating it. Get tutorial here

Make Room for Three Kids

Finding room for three bunk beds might seem like a big challenge. Yet, Hometalker Organizing Made Fun- Becky Barnfather managed to cleverly fit in three bunk beds, in the room her daughters share. She made sure that the bottom bunk has plenty of storage space under it for all of them, too, with each girl’s stuff neatly labeled and color coded. Get tutorial here

Be Inspired by Their Favorite Characters

Being inspired by the kids’ favorite characters is a fun way to create their new bunk beds. In this case, Hometalker Lori Choman created a wonderful theme based on the Legend of Zelda video games. Among the best features included here is a cute door with bars on it. This hides a soft toy collection and is also where the stairs up to the top bunk are. Get tutorial here