How to Hang Rod-Pocket Curtains With Drapery Hooks and Rings

Rachael Murray
by Rachael Murray
3 Materials
20 Minutes

I have always admired the elevated look of custom drapery hung with drapery hooks and rings. There is just something about it that looks so much more high end!

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I recently swapped out our living room grommet panels for these linen-look panels I picked up from Winners on clearance! (I love a bargain!). They are a rod-pocket design and while I loved the curtains themselves, I did not love how they looked on the rod. Not only did they look kind of bunched up, but they did not slide nicely along the rod and they were just slightly too short.

Then I had my lightbulb moment! When we moved into this house just over a year ago, there were high quality, custom drapes hanging on this door. Sadly, they did not match my style. (I was actually so sad to take them down because they are extremely well made but I just couldn't make that fabric pattern work with my plan for this room!). BUT, I knew I still had them stored in the basement; drapery hooks and rings and all!

I had never used this type of hardware before but just assumed I could make it work. Thankfully, it really was just as easy as I had hoped!

First, I removed the hooks from the original drapery panels. They are not sewn into the fabric so removal is a breeze. You literally just slide them down and out!

Once I had my pile of hooks, I evenly spaced them along the new panel. I had 17 hooks available to use per standard 54" panel.

Be warned--the sharp end of the hook is sharp! No one wants to bleed on their new curtains so be careful!

I simply slid the sharp end of the hook into ONE LAYER of the rod pocket on the back side of the curtain. You don't want the hook to poke through to the other side or you will see the metal from the front of your curtain once it is hung.

Before sliding the hooks into the eyelets on the rings, place the drapery rings on the rod. This is a must! If you try to put the rings on the hooks and then install the rings on the rod, it does not work! Save yourself the frustration! Rings first, put up the rod, hang the curtain panel.

In total, including removal of the hooks from the original drapery, to final installation of the new curtains, it took me about 20 minutes to go from standard, store bought panels to the elevated look of custom drapery! I highly recommend giving it a try!

*I just purchased a set of drapery hooks and rings from Amazon to give the same makeover to our dining room curtains! For that project, I'll be retro-fitting grommet style panels so it will require a couple of extra steps. I will share that project soon!

Suggested materials:
  • Two standard 54" rod-pocket curtain panels   (Winners/Homesense)
  • 34 drapery hooks   (pre-owned)
  • 34 drapery rings   (pre-owned)
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