Window Treatment With Placemats

Jody Burge
by Jody Burge
3 Materials
10 Minutes
My kitchen window has nice wooden blinds but needed some sprucing up. I bought some placemats to use as a valance and attached them with Velcro.
The kitchen window needed a little something, it just looked at bit naked. You can use this idea on any winow. If you have a flat type curtain rod, no need to take it down just attach the Velcro to the rod.
I cut pieces from the Velcro strip and stuck them on the top section of the wooden blinds. I placed one square of Velcro on each end and then another square near where the end of the placemat would be. I used a total of eight squares of Velcro, two for each mat.
I stuck the circular Velcro pieces to the placemats, two on each mat, one on each upper corner. I made sure that they matched up with the Velcro on the top of the wooden blind and that they were centered where the top on the mat would be level with the wooden blind on top.
The placemats I used are sold four to a package. I only needed three. I placed the two on the ends first and then over-lapped the center one.
This is my dressed up kitchen window. Because I used Velcro I can easily switch out the placemats for different seasons or look. The type of Velcro you use depends on the weight of your placemats. The ones I used were fairly light weight. I have a lot of Velcro leftover, all I need to do is stick some on other placemats. Then I can pull the current ones off and stick the new placemats on. When I get tired of those I can put the other ones back up. The project took less than 10 minutes to complete.
Suggested materials:
  • Placemats   (Ollies)
  • Velcro   (Ollies)
  • Tape measure or ruler   (On hand)
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  • Rana SaintGermain-Pryor Rana SaintGermain-Pryor on Nov 04, 2017
    Can you make a quick Video so I can see exactly how you did it. It's a great idea. I just don't have a wooden frame. To attac the velco.

  • Betty Simpson Betty Simpson on Nov 11, 2017
    Will the Velcro attach to the flat part of the miniblind

  • MK MK on Dec 13, 2017
    would this work on a regular flat curtain rod. such a great idea, but I dont have blinds. thanks for the idea

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