Use a cheap pillowcase as a gorgeous valence

The best part about this is that there’s no sewing involved whatsoever. Get tutorial here

Glue a band of colored fabric to the top

Keep a room neutral but playful by adding a small band of fabric to the top of cheap drop cloths. Get tutorial here

Create elegant tie-up shades with ribbon

It costs as much as the fabric does, so if you find a cool pattern for cheap, you’re in luck. Get tutorial here

Stay warm by adding insulated fabric

It’s a cheap way to get pretty curtains and save electricity in the winter. Get tutorial here

Replace your sliding blinds with a curtain

You don’t have to replace the contraption, just attached the curtain as if it was vertical blinds. Get tutorial here

Paint drop cloth into unique designs

If you have a stencil and paint on hand, this is a super cheap way to get awesome looking curtains. Get tutorial here

Add a romantic touch with lace

Glue it to your white curtains for that perfect touch. Get tutorial here

Sew your own with your favorite fabric

Or use stitch witchery to create your own custom curtains. Get tutorial here

Use shower curtains for an expensive look

If they’re too short, you can glue on a piece of white fabric. Get tutorial here

Hang your curtains on command hooks

It’s an easy cost solution to hanging up side-window curtains without the expensive rods. Get tutorial here

Use bed sheets for flowy curtains

These $5 white sheets keep the room airy, but maintain privacy. Get tutorial here