Wrap Up a Simple and Sweet Wreath

Wrap a simple wreath form in burlap and add a few embellishments. Get tutorial here

Turn a Piece Into a Festive Thanksgiving Sign

Nothing says Thanksgiving like that natural rustic hue of pretty burlap. Get tutorial here

Turn a Square of It Into a Bulletin Board

Cover a cork board or wooden plank with some burlap, for pretty and practical wall decoration. Get tutorial here

Make a Rustic Sack Pillow With It

For a super simple throw pillow design, make this plush burlap sack and add fall details. Get tutorial here

Create Some Country Chic Wall Decor

Graphics look great on burlap and even better hanging in a frame on your wall! Get tutorial here

Make a Lovable Plush Pillow With Scraps

How cute is this guy? Buy some burlap leaves, or make your own, for this cozy cutie. Get tutorial here

Cut Out a Circle for This Fabulous Wreath

Add a circle of burlap to an old frame, and top it off with half of a monogrammed pumpkin! Get tutorial here

Cut a Few Squares and Write a Sweet Message

Turn pieces of burlap into a beautiful banner, with a sweet welcome message for the holidays! Get tutorial here

Use Some to Cover Cans for This Centerpiece

Don't toss your leftover cans - instead, cover them in burlap and use them as centerpieces. Get tutorial here

Turn a Ribbon of It Into a Chic Banner

Celebrate a rustic romantic fall with a burlap banner and a pretty patterned bow. Get tutorial here

Make a Pretty Pin Board for Fall Photos

Make a burlap bulletin board for family photos and your favorite holiday shots. Get tutorial here

Or Make It Into a Totally New Gallery Wall

Make a burlap themed gallery wall, by adding a swatch behind every piece you showcase. Get tutorial here

Cover Your Flower Pots in a Layer

Give your planters a pretty fall coat, by covering them in a layer of burlap and adding a bow. Get tutorial here

Use Some to Dress Up a Woodsy Centerpiece

Soften a striking piece of wooden decor with a little touch of burlap bliss. Get tutorial here