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Window treatment options are endless, making it difficult to choose between them all. Furthermore, window treatments can be very expensive. Both of these factors (the endless options and the potentially high cost) can lead people to feel confused and distraught when thinking about what to do with their windows.

Window Treatments (pixabay)

However, there is really no need to worry! There are plenty of window treatment options that are both inexpensive and beautiful. There are options perfect for kitchen window treatments while other options are perfect for bathroom window treatments. We’ll walk you through a few different types of window treatments and where they might look best in your home, so you can get some amazing DIY inspiration!

Full-Length Curtain Panels

Full-length curtain panels are the most commonly used type of soft window treatment. People often use them as living room window treatments, but they can be used for almost any windows, including being used as window treatments for sliding glass doors. You can purchase these at numerous everyday stores but oftentimes they are expensive, not the exact design you were hoping for or are too short. Therefore, here are a few easy DIY full-length curtain panel ideas to get you inspired to create beautiful and inexpensive curtains for your home!

1) Cheerful Playroom Curtain Made from a Valance and Drop Cloth

This vintage-inspired window treatment is fun and playful while also being extremely inexpensive. The total cost for this DIY project was $8! This Hometalker used ribbon and pom pom trim to attach a polka dot valance to a drop cloth. This window treatment was simple and quick to make. It adds the perfect cheerful vintage touch to this child’s playroom.

Playroom Decor (Alice Wingerden)

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2) DIY Curtain Rods & Drop Cloth Curtains

If you have a lot of windows and a small budget, creating your own curtain rods and curtains might be the right choice for you. This Hometalker used the following items to create her own curtain rods and curtains: curtain clamps, pipe clamps, wood screws, conduit pipes, and canvas drop cloths. Drop cloths become perfect substitutes for curtains after you wash and iron them, making them softer and less wrinkled. These drop cloth curtains give this porch a dreamy, beachy feel, without the normally high cost of adding curtains to a large porch.

Curtain Ideas (Trina)

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3) Stenciled Drop Cloth Curtains

Do you love the idea of drop cloth curtains but prefer a colorful design on your curtains? Here’s a gorgeous solution for you! This Hometalker started with drop cloths, tending to them to make sure to take care of imperfections and launder them properly. Then she stenciled on this gorgeous design. The result is stunning – and of course inexpensive! Options for stencils and colors are endless so you can really take this project and make it your own for any room in your house. These curtains would be especially great as living room window treatments.

Window Treatment Ideas (Sondra Lyn at Home)

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4) Stenciled White Curtains

Another way you can make stenciled curtains is to buy inexpensive white curtains and add a stenciled design to them. This way your project is still inexpensive but it’s a bit less work than buying drop cloths and turning them into curtains. This dark blue stenciled design adds a dramatic and beautiful look to otherwise plain white curtains. This project takes some patience and measuring to ensure that your stenciled designs are spaced out evenly, but the end look is worth the effort! These curtains are a great option for bedroom or living room window treatments.

Curtains and Window Treatments (Cutting Edge Stencils)

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5) Romantic Lace Curtains

A DIYer can create romantic lace curtains using standard inexpensive white curtains, lace and paint. This Hometalker repurposed lace table runners from her wedding for this project. She dyed them navy blue, then cut them and sewed them onto the edge of white curtains. Depending on your style and color preferences, you can choose from a variety of materials and colors to create the perfect window treatment for each room in your house. These lace-edged curtains could be perfect as a bathroom window treatment to create a spa-like, relaxing environment.

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas (Katie Nathey)

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6) $5 Curtains Made from Bed Sheets

Inexpensive flat bed sheets might be the perfect curtains for your space. Purchase inexpensive bed sheets in whatever color you prefer. Then cut them to size and sew as needed around the edges to give the curtains a finished look. Depending on the size of your windows, you might be able to create multiple curtains from just one $5 bed sheet. This is such a great deal! If you don’t like the all-white look, you could always add design elements using stencils, lace, ribbon or other materials. These curtains are perfect as porch or sunroom window treatments.

Window Curtains (The Wicker House)

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7) DIY Window Treatments using Shower Curtain Rings & Brass Rods

Oftentimes people focus on curtains without paying much attention to the curtain rod or curtain hangers. However, if you want a one-of-a-kind look for your window treatments, consider how the rod and hangers might make a statement. Consider using alternative materials for your curtain rods, such as these brass rods, to create a more modern window treatment. You can hang curtains using many different materials. Shower curtain rings are an inexpensive and innovative way to hang them. This Hometalker used shower curtain rings, washers, and drapery hooks to create a hanging system that worked well with her brass rods. These curtains look gorgeous with the brass and white modern window treatments set against the navy blue walls!

DIY Window Treatments (Phoenix Restoration)

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8) Custom Window Treatments from Ready-Made Curtain Panels

Although experts recommend hanging curtains high above your windows, many curtains just aren’t long enough for that. Other times the curtains that are long enough are very expensive. The solution: Add length to standard-length curtain panels. You can simply purchase an additional curtain panel to be cut and added to the bottom of each panel. Then sew them together or use a fusible bonding material to attach them to each other. This method will work well and look great! When finished, you’ll have long, gorgeous curtains that look like custom window treatments, without the high price.

Custom Window Treatments (Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog)

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9) Lengthened Curtain Panels

If your curtains are too short and you don’t like sewing, you can always lengthen them using a complimenting fabric and fabric fuse tape. This method not only lengthens your curtains, but it also adds an interesting element to the curtains, depending on what type of fabric you choose. This is such a simple way to enhance purchased curtains.

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas (Anna M)

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Roman Shades

Roman shades are a popular option for homes because they combine the best attributes of fabric curtains and blinds. Roman shades can be pulled up and down in front of windows like blinds, but they also have the soft, elegant look of fabric. They can be a great option for kitchen window treatments where people often don’t want full-length panel curtains. Roman shades can be quite expensive but like always, there are great DIY alternatives!

10) DIY Roman Shade

You can make roman shades that are both beautiful and functional. You need just a few simple materials including fabric, dowels, wood, string, small blind rings, and eye screws. When completed, you’ll have a gorgeous roman shade that cost very little compared to those you would have purchased in-store. This particular roman shade looks stunning as a kitchen window treatment.

DIY Roman Shade Ideas (Christina Dennis)

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11) DIY Roman Shade using Purchased Blinds

A great way to make your own roman shade is to use fabric and a purchased blind. This makes the DIY aspect of the project a bit simpler than starting completely from scratch. After you modify the blind, you can attach the fabric to create a beautiful and functional roman shade. These shades would look great in every room in your home!

Roman Shades (Jennifer West)

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12) DIY Faux Roman Shade

Sometimes you just want a beautiful and easy-to-make roman shade. You don’t even need it to be functional! If that’s the case, you can use tensions rods and fabric to create a gorgeous faux roman shade. As an alternative to buying fabric, you could also use old tablecloths or shower curtains to save on costs. This DIY window treatment is so simple to make and inexpensive too. Depending on the design of the fabric, this could be the perfect living room or kitchen window treatment.

DIY Window Treatment Ideas (Richella Parham)

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Valances Window Treatment

Valances aren’t as popular as they used to be but there are still some great options out there. Valances are appealing because they leave most of the window open, allowing for a lot of light to come through the window. They make great kitchen and bathroom window treatments since people often want to add something to these windows, but full-length curtains can look unusual in these rooms. Additionally, valances are normally inexpensive since they require less fabric than a lot of other soft window treatment options.

13) Shower Curtain to Valance

To make a simple and beautiful valance, start with a shower curtain in a pattern you love. Starting with a shower curtain makes this project easy because you can hang the valance using the same holes you would have used to hang up the shower curtain. All you really need to do is shorten and hem the shower curtain to transform it into a valance. The bonus is that you can use the remaining shower curtain fabric for other great DIY projects!

Valance Window Treatment (Joy)

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14) DIY No-Sew Burlap Valance

You can take a unique spin on valances by draping burlap across the top of your windows. Then you tie it up with twine in certain places to give it a swag look. A DIYer can complete this project in very little time. These burlap valances give a room a cozy rustic, farmhouse look. They are the perfect addition to a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Burlap Valance Ideas (11 Magnolia Lane)

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Cornices Window Treatment

Cornices are generally made of fabric or wood. They frame just the top of the windows. People often use them to add a finished look to their windows that already have blinds on them. Depending on the material and method you use to make a cornice, the final look can vary significantly from elegant to rustic. Like most window treatments, the DIY options for cornices are endless! Cornices are often used throughout all rooms in a home and are a great custom window treatment option.

15) Foam Board Fabric Cornice

To create a lightweight and inexpensive cornice that still looks fantastic, try using a foam board as your main material for your cornice. Wrap the foam board with fabric to give your cornice a finished look. You can choose to also install blinds on your windows if you are looking for additional privacy. The cornice will naturally do a great job of hiding the top of the blinds, which is often not aesthetically appealing.

Cornice Window Treatment (Megan Aubrey)

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16) Rustic Wood Cornice

Wood is a great material to use for a cornice. Depending on the wood and finishing technique you choose, you can create a more rustic look or a more elegant look. These Hometalkers decided to create a more rustic look with their wood cornice. The entire DIY project took them only about 30 minutes to complete. It required very basic materials including wood, brackets, stain and basic woodworking tools. The result is a gorgeous rustic wood cornice, which is perfect as a bathroom window treatment.

Rustic Cornice Window Treatment Ideas (Sypsie Designs)

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17) Distressed White Wood Cornice

Wood cornices can be stained or painted to take on a wide variety of styles. This Hometalker chose to finish her wood cornice with a distressed white finish. This finish is perfect for a rustic-styled living room or bedroom.

Cornice Window Treatment Ideas (Woodshop Diaries)

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Which DIY window treatment option are you excited to try out? Which one do you think best fits with your style and vision for your home? Hopefully, this list of DIY window treatment ideas has given you a lot of inspiration and new ideas to try out. When you finish your next DIY window treatment project, go ahead and share your project on the Hometalk website so that others can admire your amazing DIY work!


Written for the Hometalk community by: Mary | That Cozy Look

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