DIY Tree Branch Centerpiece

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by Barn Tree Place
Perfect for the "Budget Friendly" host!
Learn how we created these darling Tree Branch Centerpieces!
Helping a friend out with hosting a Baby Shower, and working with a very tight budget, I came up with these..."If I do say so myself"...Darling Centerpieces!

Finding branches that had fallen onto the ground where we like to hike, we cleaned them up and spray painted them white.

I went to The Dollar store and purchased the vases, pink tissue paper, pink ribbon and baby related toys.

With spools of Tulle I had left over form the Tulle Topiaries (see below), I made small pom poms puffs and attached to the branches.

Too Cute!
Both were a huge "HIT" at the shower!
This Manzanita Tree Branch centerpiece was used for a Baby Shower gift table.

What a perfect statement piece as your guest's enter the room!

Our link to our website below, has a full step-by-step tutorial on how to make these Tree Branch Centerpieces.

There is a link to our gorgeous Tulle Topiary Centerpieces too!

Happy Crafting and Saving! :)
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  • Maria Laing Maria Laing on Dec 05, 2015
    I salvaged some corkscrew willow branches from a floral arrangement given to me. I noticed they had begun to make roots and kept them in fresh water. It turned out that one of the branches had the most roots and so I planted that one in my back yard. I now have my own source of awesome branches. The arrangement had been given to me from my first grandchild's baby shower. He is now 19 years old! We call it "Nick's tree". Many branches have been shared from that first tree and planted in other places, even out of state!!
    • Barn Tree Place Barn Tree Place on Dec 05, 2015
      @Maria Laing Wow...That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your special story. I love willow trees and the branches. Sadly, we don't have them around this area. I have had to purchase them already cut and packaged from a supple house I used to go to. Enjoy them!