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Carol Goins
by Carol Goins
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I am giving an update to this post! I found easier way to clean chicken poop after all night chickens roosting! I updated this after initial post! Read entire article, update is at the end, thanks! I now use wood chips instead of straw , more absorbable and healthy for chickens. My litter box under the roost has been awesome. Makes maintaining the coop poop soo much easier! When I first started this chicken project I was frustrated but this worked. Love it even years later

Coop poop mats
Litter boxes

I decided it was time to find easier way to clean up after my chickens sat on their roost all night and pooped on the straw! I knew of wood poop boards but thought that my idea might be easier to clean. Chickens are only in the coop at nite on their roost and to lay eggs. Once they go out in morning you must clean poop where they roosted overnight. I do this cleaning every morning with a glove and bag , picking up straw and poop. I thought a mat or board would be a better option! I bought a thick gym mat and cut it in half since it was not long enough to cover entire roost. The 7 chickens only stand on roost at 2 areas, 4 on one side and three on other side of window.

1. Bought a 6 ft gym mat at TJMax for 12 dollars.

2. Cut mat in half

3. I took chicken cookies cutouts I already had and painted different colors to match my chickens added their names, yes all my chickens are named.

4 . Sprayed mat with a clear coat and let dry over night.

Now all I have to do is pick up mats and clean with hose. My straw will stay clean! My chicken coop chores are a breeze!

Mats I used under the litter boxes

My coop is much easier to keep clean with these light weight mats!

My coop decor

Just pick up poop and easy to take out and spray off!

24x24 rabbit cage liners filled with litter
Litter boxes with unscented scoop litter from tractor store

I now can scoop poop droppings, so much easier and cleaner. I kept the mats and placed on straw , found these rabbit cage liners at tractors store . Fill with scoopable litter or sand then just scoop poop, so much cleaner and won't have to clean during winter cold months!

Suggested materials:
  • Gym mat, acrylic paints I already had, and clear coat spray, chicken cookies cutouts   (TJ Maxx for the mat)
  • 24x24 rabbit cage liners and scoop liners   (TJMaxx for mat and Tractor Feed store for the 3 24x24 rabbit hutch layers)
  • Rabbit cage Litter boxes and litter from tractor store   (Tractor store)
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  • Jen51301640 Jen51301640 on May 24, 2021

    Is the scoop litter safe for chicken to bathe in, as well?

  • Gina D Gina D on Nov 22, 2021

    Carol, just checking in to see if you still use litter boxes in your chicken coop? Any updates?

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