This DIY Platform Bed Frame Was Built Using Leftover Wood

This project saw leftover wood from a barn used to build a 76x80 bed frame to fit a king-size mattress. The sides and feet of this new bed frame were sanded and stained with a dark walnut stain before applying a heavy coat of satin poly acrylic for further protection. L-brackets provided center support on the uneven bedroom floor. Another coat of stain was applied, with any residue wiped with an old t-shirt to create a slightly weathered look. Get tutorial here

DIY Wooden Bed Frames Using Healthy Pallets

Hometalker Marija Milunovic proved how pallets are the ideal material for creating DIY wooden bed frames. Marija made sure to get hold of pallets that were already in good condition so that they would only require a light sanding before applying a coat of paint. Once the pallets were stacked in the correct order, she provided additional support to the frame using screws, nails, and hinges to create a sturdier base for the mattress. Get tutorial here

This DIY Twin Bed Frame Was Perfect for a Toddler's First Bed

This handmade twin bed frame was built by Keri’s husband for their toddler transitioning from a crib. After cutting the outer frame to the desired length and width, he screwed them to the side panels of the bed frame to act as supports. Corner brackets connected the 2x10 sections before individual slats were cut three inches apart for mattress support. Each slat was screwed with small pilot holes to prevent them from splitting long-term. Get tutorial here

Fancy Faux Bed Frame to Replace a Frame That Was Much Too Tall

Hometalker Becky made this quick and easy faux bed frame in less than 45 minutes! After recently buying a new bed, the frame made the bed appear too tall in the bedroom. Becky decided to quickly create her own faux frame, hiding the bed’s ugly box spring too. Using only pine and angle brackets, she created a basic frame before finishing it by stapling a light gray fabric over each side. Get tutorial here

Simple Bed Frames for Those Fed Up With Mattresses on the Floor

After growing tired of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, Crystal built her own simple queen bed frame. The basic frame was put together using corner brackets, with a dozen wooden slats used to provide much-needed support for the queen-size mattress. Crystal even fitted four central legs to prevent the slats from bowing in the middle over time. The bed’s legs have been raised to such a point that the bed can provide storage underneath the mattress. Get tutorial here

Using Decals to Transform an Old Steel Bed Frame

Hometalker GrandmasHouseDIY inherited this steel bed frame from her grandparents. She firstly got rid of the John Deer green color using a metal primer and a pale gray acrylic paint. The headboard and foot of the bed frame were also crying out for something special. She opted for a couple of beautiful stencils in black paint to offset the pale gray frame. The country-style look was completed with a vintage quilt. Get tutorial here

Handmade King Bed Frame Using High-Quality Walnut

Hometalker Zac Builds kindly offered to build his friend a new bedframe made from solid walnut. This bespoke frame was by no means built on a budget – the lumber cost almost $800 alone. After planning the surfaces, it was all ready to be glued together. The best pieces of lumber were used at the top of the headboard and on the footboard. The sideboards clicked into place, and 1x6 spruce was used as slats to support the mattress. Get tutorial here

DIY Platform Bed Frame With End Cube Storage

Alicia W’s goal was to build a platform bed frame for her niece who only had a mattress on the floor. Over the course of a weekend and just $60 later, this Hometalker’s mission was realized. The platform was designed to give Alicia’s niece greater floor clearance, and Alicia opted to fit a three-cube storage unit at the foot of her new bed frame, underneath the plywood. The entire bed frame was painted white for a clean, fresh finish. Get tutorial here

DIY Bed Frame Risers to Create Under-Bed Storage

The legs on Sarah’s master bed were not only visible, but they were too low to fit under-bed storage containers. After becoming fed up with not having under-bed storage, Sarah opted to create her very own DIY bed risers. Before assembling these wooden blocks, she laid one out under a bed leg to ensure the 2x4 base fit comfortably with all the side pieces around it. After gluing and a light stain, the bed frame was lifted 5" to offer critical storage. Get tutorial here

DIY Queen Bed Frame Inspired by a Pottery Barn Hudson Bed

Hometalker Jaime LaPlant was inspired by Pottery Barn’s Hudson queen bed frame to handcraft her very own. Jaime used a Kreg Rip-Cut and a circular saw to make the necessary plywood cuts and a miter saw for the remaining cuts. The headboard was given reinforced support, and the footboard was built using the same method as the headboard. The frame was attached using Kreg Jig-drilled pocket holes and fitted to the head- and footboards via countersunk screws. Get tutorial here

Turning One Futon into Two Practical Twin Bed Frames

Daniela N opted to transform one futon bed frame into two twin-size bed frames. When taking the futon apart, Daniela made some cuts to the existing wood to modify the frame. One new slat was applied to each twin frame for additional support and to increase the width for a single mattress. Daniela utilized some leftover 2x4 to make new feet for each twin frame that were positioned at a 45-degree angle. Get tutorial here

DIY Platform Bed Frame With a Genuine Luxury Feel

Hometalker Glen eventually caved in to pressure on social media to build a plush wooden platform bed frame. After cutting all of his lumber to size, he spent several hours sanding before staining the bed frame black. One coat of dark walnut Danish oil was applied for a luxury appearance. Given that the headboard was so wide, Glen opted to mount floating nightstands with integrated electrics to save floor space. Low-profile puck lights were also added to offset the bedroom at night. Get tutorial here

How to Build a Bed Frame to Fit a Bespoke DIY Headboard

Heather built her own king size bed frame to fit a bespoke headboard made from old door frames. Four 4x4 posts were cut to use as the frame’s legs. 2x6’s were used to fit the sides to the legs using a dowel rod kit. Each corner was clamped to allow the glue to dry. Wood braces were added for extra strength, and slats were fitted for the inner frame before a sheet of plywood was fitted on top. Get tutorial here