What is a DIY Wood Project?

We see the acronym DIY everywhere and automatically assume we know what it means. But do we? Do you? DIY obviously stands for ‘Do It Yourself’ but it can also mean something different for everyone. For Hometalkers, DIY often means creating something beautiful and less costly. But it also means seeing efforts rewarded with results we are both proud to use in our homes and proud to show others how to recreate too. Get tutorial here

Planning Your DIY Wood Project

Planning and preparation are the buzzwords when it comes to wood. Planning is essential for a DIY wood project, especially if you are buying your lumber new. With planning comes fewer mistakes, greater accuracy and fewer emergency trips to the hardware store. Sometimes Hometalkers provide step-by-step plans for creating designs, just like Allison Young does with her DIY dining table, built for less than $75. Get tutorial here

Materials You Can Use For DIY Wood Projects

The type of wood you choose can determine how your finished piece will look. There are many varieties and sources of wood. Hardwoods are best for furniture like tables and kitchen tops, although softer wood is much easier to cut and shape. Most often, people like to use reclaimed wood or scrap wood. Ultimately, the beauty and strength of your finished piece depend on the construction, fixings and the effort you put in treating it with oils and wood stains. Get tutorial here

Wooden Pallets Have Become Indispensable For Hometalkers

One of the most useful sources of wood these days has to be pallet wood.Is there anything you can’t do with pallet wood? DIY wooden pallet projects include pallet wood planters, coffee tables, benches, and beds. It is also a great material to use for ship lapping your walls and some people even use it as a material for their vertical blinds. Pallet wood is often aged, versatile and easily treated to make it look incredible. Get tutorial here

DIY Wood Projects For The Home

DIY wood projects are an excellent way of saving money, like Brett’s new flooring. Creating DIY wood furniture projects are popular on Hometalk. From installing new flooring, redesigning your kitchen, creating a new bedroom look or just adding a new coffee table, wooden projects remain some of the most satisfying and widely shared by Hometalkers. Get tutorial here

Add Kitchen Space With A Fold Down Wooden Countertop

When you have a small kitchen area, it calls for a bit of creativity. For HouseLogic.com it means building additional space that can easily fold back when not in use allowing people to move around the kitchen freely, but also providing essential prep area for cooking. Adding space to small areas is a common theme for Hometalkers, like making pallet storage boxes, a rolling pantry or shoe storage. Get tutorial here

Build A Kitchen Island

Ever wondered what to do with that big space in the middle of your kitchen? Heidi knew exactly what she wanted. Using reclaimed oak, beech and birch wood she built her own kitchen island with just a planer and a belt sander. To finish her newly created space she finished it in antique white paint and a glaze. Get tutorial here

Installing A Wooden Splash Board

When using short lengths of wood for a project, using reclaimed timber is a godsend. Like this kitchen splash from Marty’s Musings who used fence board for a classic beach-washed look. For a more rustic look take a peek at Jodi Adams’ cedar splashboard. Get tutorial here

Building A Bespoke TV Wall Unit

Here’s a step-by-step process to create a distinctive TV wall unit and fireplace. This DIY project works so well because it gives the entire wall space a proper makeover. Frank used three different sizes of pine and then painted them in six different colors to get his look. Then he just put them together to create a random pattern that looks original and striking. Get tutorial here

Building A Dining Table From Start To Finish

Some projects aren’t for the faint-hearted. This reclaimed wooden table took many hours to complete, but the results are stunning. There are types of reclaimed wood that is more valuable than others, so when Jeremy found some sinker cypress wood, he knew it would be perfect for building a large dining room table. Depending on the condition of the wood, either a lot of labor is required or not so much. In this case, the huge effort was worth the result. Get tutorial here

Re-Working Your Dining Table

You don’t have to build a dining table from scratch though. Sometimes all that is needed is a bit labor, love, and a tender finish. Bringing new life to tired furniture can be a rewarding affair. Laura managed to do this by stripping a weary, black, wooden dining table and re-finishing it to bring back some character. Using Citristrip and a walnut wood stain the finished product looks completely different. Get tutorial here

Reclaimed Wooden Headboard

Even the smallest of DIY wood projects often require multiple steps to get the desired look. This reclaimed wood headboard used pine boards and posts and four different types of colored stains. To get this deep wood grain look, Hometalker Brock used both 120 and 220 grit paper with a hand sander and good ‘ol fashioned elbow grease. She finished it with three coats of polyurethane finish for a smooth head-and-hair-friendly finish Get tutorial here

Make A Coffee Table To Suit

Use two different textures of wood for an eclectic looking coffee table. The size can be adjusted but the process is the same. One of the interesting aspects of creating your own DIY projects is that sometimes the look can come by accident. Ari Goldberg wanted to countersink the nails on this table but decided that on-show nails looked more rustic and natural. She bought all her wood new for less than $55, but a similar look can be achieved using reclaimed material. Get tutorial here

Creating Extra Space Using Pallet Wood

Using pallet wood as the backing for open spaces gives the illusion of a fitted piece of furniture - so long as the shelving matches. Hometalker Rustic & Refined wanted to create a niche area in their hallway. With the help of some trusty pallet wood they managed to create a unique space that complemented the rest of their decor. Adding shelving, using leftover wood, is an excellent way of displaying sentimental items like photos and ornaments. Get tutorial here

DIY Wood Projects For Your Garden

Are you looking to create some great additions to your garden? Try making some of these outdoor projects for your decking area or your garden. Use leftover and reclaimed wood to add natural harmony to your outdoor spaces. Take inspiration from Japanese gardens with this timber hanging garden, or make some window boxes. In fact, you can use old drawers for just about anything. Get tutorial here