1. Ocean wave wall art

This tutorial by Jeremy shows you how to create a stunning wood and resin wall art piece using reclaimed cypress wood and an Alumilite Ocean Art Kit. The final result can be used as wall decor, a serving board, or a charcuterie board, depending on the size.

Suspend the wood, mix and pour the epoxy resin in layers to create an ocean wave effect, allow it to cure, remove the excess resin, apply a wood finish, and install hanging hardware.

This DIY project showcases the versatility and beauty of combining reclaimed wood and resin. See the full tutorial for valuable tips and techniques on other resin and woodworking projects too. Get tutorial here

2. DIY LED lamp

In this DIY project, Andrew makes a distinctive lamp using scrap wood, LEDs, resin, and tape. The process involves preparing the wood, marking and cutting out a trench for the LEDs, creating a back plate, and pouring resin into the holes. Overall, this is a great project for novice woodworkers to practice their skills. Get tutorial here

3. Upcycled step ladder

This DIY project by Cindy shows you how to upcycle an old step ladder into a plant stand.

She found a wooden ladder at a yard sale, bought it for $1, and decided to paint it. First, she used a dark color as the base coat, then applied a resist using beeswax before adding a final coat of paint. The ladder was also repaired by adding new steps using reclaimed wood.

The end result is a cute and colorful plant stand that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Get tutorial here

4. DIY stenciled wall art

In this DIY project, Erika transforms a wooden wine box into a farmhouse-inspired key holder. She disassembled the box, and glued and nailed the pieces together to create a wooden canvas. Erika then applied a stencil design using white paint and later stained the wood.

She added hooks and rope for hanging, resulting in a beautiful farmhouse decor piece. This DIY is a great example of how to turn discarded items into valuable treasures. Get tutorial here

5. Reclaimed wood planter

Robin shows us how to create a unique farmhouse-style kitchen catch-all using reclaimed wood and a wooden bowl. The process involves tracing and cutting the wood to accommodate the bowl, drilling holes, staining the wood, and attaching the bowl halves with screws.

The finished product can be used as a planter, storage for kitchen gadgets or keys, or to display succulents. We love this simple and cute DIY project. Get tutorial here

6. DIY wood wall art

Are you looking to create your own reclaimed wood wall art? This DIY home decor piece is easy to recreate but the effect is very impressive. The wood lath is prepared by whitewashing, painting, and staining.

The design is created by cutting the wood lath at 45-degree angles and arranging them on a plywood base. Once the design is complete, the excess wood is cut off, and a frame is added using additional pieces of wood. Wow. Get tutorial here

7. DIY wall clock

In this DIY project, Greg shows us how to create a farmhouse-style wall clock using reclaimed wood. He found old wooden fence pieces and decided to repurpose them into a clock.

He cleaned and glued the wood onto a plywood base, cut it into a circular shape, and used a stencil to paint the design on the wood. He then added a clock movement kit to complete the clock. The result is a beautiful rustic farmhouse treasure. Get tutorial here