Transform A Wooden Wine Box Into This for $20!

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Farmhouse style is the perfect combination of rustic meets cozy. If you are looking to create a chic space with a farmhouse feel then our .

Erika, our in-house craft guru, decided to jump on the farmhouse decor trend and make a farmhouse inspired key holder using reclaimed wood and our . While walking her cute pup, she had spotted a wooden wine box sitting in the trash. She scooped up the wood for her project.

Erika took the wooden box apart. She used a wood glue to hold two panels together and then nailed a supporting piece of wood on the back side. This created her wood canvas.

Erika let the wood glue dry over night. Then she sanded the wood canvas.

After the wood canvas was prepped and ready to go, Erika was ready to start , this design makes a wonderful accent for any farm house decor.

She sprayed the back of the stencil with Sticky Note spray adhesive which can be purchased from your local craft store or Amazon. Repositionable spray adhesive can help hold the stencil in place and reduce bleed. She placed the stencil on top of the wood and painted the pattern in Benjamin Moore Navajo White using a dense foam roller.

Erika made sure she rolled off any excess paint on a piece of paper towel. Too much paint will cause the design to bleed. Once the entire design was painted, Erika lifted the stencil back to reveal the pattern.

Erika wasn’t done yet! Next it was time to stain the wood canvas. Erika used Varethane Stain in chestnut. She brushed the stain on using a bristle brush.

Then wiped it off using paper towel.

Erika painted the edges of the wood canvas with the stain. Once the stain was dry, she used screws to fasten two hooks along the bottom. Rope was attached to the back of the piece so it could be hung.

Are you ready to see how her farmhouse inspired key holder turned out? It’s gorgeous! Buy the Horse Head Stencil here:

Once again, we are amazed at how she managed to take someone’s trash and turned it into this farmhouse decor treasure.

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Suggested materials:
  • Horse Head Stencil- Small   (Cutting Edge Stencils)
  • Wood- Wine Box   (Trash)
  • Benjamin Moore Navajo White Paint   (Benjamin Moore)
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