What is Agate?

Agate is a precious stone or crystal and can be found naturally, with it sometimes being washed up on the beach. In its pure form, the agate stone can be displayed as a decoration in itself. Usually, agate can be transformed into other things and can make a striking display in the home. There are dozens of uses for agate, from simple agate coasters to more intricate and complex agate tables, yet all are easy enough to make.  Get tutorial here

Agate Stone as Art

If you wanted to express the inner properties of agate, the first thing that you could do is to actually use the agate stone as a piece of artwork. The intricate patterns made by the geode mean that each one is unique. Displaying the agate in art cases and hanging them on your wall can work in almost any room and isn't overpowering so as to draw attention away from other features. The artwork is simple, quick, and most of all, personal to you.  Get tutorial here

Agate Rock Side Tables

If you did want agate to be more prominently featured, then transforming side tables with an agate stone look can give a functional use inspired by the extremely aesthetic rock. To do this, take some wooden tree trunk tables and cover them with paint in a spiral pattern. Then, glaze over them to give the impression that they are made from agate. The tables will be a talking point in any room and could be a first step into working with agate as you decide whether you enjoy it or not.   Get tutorial here

Agate Coasters

One of the most common uses for agate stone in the home is as agate coasters. These drinks holders can add a special touch to any setting and are fairly simple to create. Take some flat agate, which can be fairly easy to source, and the coasters can be made in minutes. Simply gild the edges with gold paint and cover each flat agate top and bottom with a plastic protective covering. Allow to dry and then your gilded agate coasters are ready for use.  Get tutorial here

Agate Copperleaf Sconces

Affixing agate slices onto a copper sconce can also utilize the translucent aspect of the crystal to bring a warming glow to the home. A wooden plaque with coiling can be covered in copperleaf and then paired with a candelabra light fixing. Agate can be placed in front of the bulb, and the translucence of the stone can allow the light to filter through it in this simple Hometalk project.  Get tutorial here

Agate Jewelry Box

Agate doesn't have to be a huge feature in your home, but can merely be an addition to something to give it that extra bit of shine. For instance, as Hometalker Carrie MakingLemonade shows us, by adding a flat agate crystal to a simple jewelry box, the entire aesthetic can be elevated. For this project, you'll need a flat agate, some gold paint to gild the edges and some glue to fix it in place. This is a simple design, but the principle can be followed to create more complex ones.  Get tutorial here

Agate Outdoor Tables

For these simple outdoor agate tables, the feature is built up around some of the crystals that have been placed in the center, with paint and liquid glass creating the geode effect as it spirals out. The tables can be used anywhere, even outside should the weather permit. The way the crystal catches the light could complement other garden or outdoor projects.  Get tutorial here

Agate Stained Glass

Taking inspiration from agate stone in decoration can also be effective as this faux agate stained glass shows us. The agate geodes are placed in a glass display case, which acts as a window to allow the light through. The translucent effect works like stained glass. The project is simple and can give anyone who is interested in making agate a taste as to how to do so without fully committing to using the precious gemstone.  Get tutorial here

Framed Agate Stone Coasters

Agate coasters are the most common and popular use of agate - yet this Hometalker has taken the idea of agate coasters and transformed them into artwork. The simplicity of the design works perfectly to draw the eye to the agate and use the supposed reflective properties to bring them to life. Simply follow the steps for creating gilded-edge agate coasters and then place them in a frame box to show off the crystals.  Get tutorial here

Agate Inspired Decorations

The striking imagery of agate can also be used to inspire other forms of decoration, as Hometalker Jessica C shows us here with these agate-inspired Easter eggs. The way the color blends in an agate crystal can be applied to almost anything to give a magical and aesthetic look. Simply dip the eggs in dye and then use food coloring and dye to create more intense shapes. The drying process will naturally give the texture of the egg an uneven coating of paint to give the agate appearance.  Get tutorial here

Agate Drawer Handles

Agate can be added to main features as an accent, as this Hometalker has done with the drawer handles in their hutch. The durability of the agate stone means that it can be used in a functional way, while also looking spectacular. Simply affix some agate slices to the handles and apply to the drawers. These can transform any old plain drawers, doors, or cupboards into something that is easier on the eye. Get tutorial here

Agate is Simple!

Agate is a wonderfully versatile gemstone and can be used in a multitude of projects. These range from agate as a striking piece of art, to a functional table, to simply being coasters that add an accent to a room or situation. This Hometalker had a similar idea to Design OCD, using 5"x5" frames to present agate coasters for a clean, eye-catching display. Get tutorial here