Building a Flower Box For A Garden Shed, She Shed, Or Chicken Coop

Maat van Uitert
by Maat van Uitert
4 Materials
15 Minutes

In this video, we used reclaimed 1x6 boards to create a flower box that can be used year round for decoration and pest control. All we used was boards and 4 inch decking screws. It took about 15 minutes to make!

Our chicken coop looked great, but there were a LOT of flies this summer. We wanted to keep them away naturally - which meant using herbs and flowers. Adding a flower box added extra flair to our coop. While we initially created it for summer, we realized we can add flowers or plants during ANY season!

If I did this project again, I would use shorter screws.

We started by cutting each 1x6 board using a miter saw. Be sure to measure the boards correctly before cutting!

Next, screw the boards together. First, screw together the 4 "walls" of the box. Then, fit the bottom in place, and screw it in place.

To secure the window box into place on your shed, locate the wall studs. This is important because as you add plants and dirt, and water the plants, the box will get heavier.

After choosing the box's final location, use screws to secure it to the wall.

We used 4-inch screws, but you might find they're too long to secure the box to your shed. In this case, 2 or 3 inch screws should suffice.

Final product!

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Suggested materials:
  • Three 1x6 boards, cut to 2 feet long   (Local Hardware Store)
  • Two 1x6 boards, cut to 6 inches long   (Local Hardware Store)
  • Marigolds   (Walmart)
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