DIY Pillars

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4 Hours

Are you getting married soon? These 4 1/2 FT DIY Pillars are elegant, affordable, and super easy to make. They're going to look amazing at your wedding ceremony, reception, or as home decor.

To make this beautiful pillar you're going to need: (2) 5/6 X 11 X14 Oak wood Pieces, (2) 3/4 X 10 1/2 X 12 Melamine Wood (Shelf wood), (2) Dollar Tree Pie Pans, 8" X32" Quick Tube, White (Dry erase) Laminate paper, Gloss White Spray Paint, Liquid nails Construction Adhesive, Caulk Gun, and Super glue.

Spray paint wood, and back of pans white.

Spray paint/cover writing on Quick Tube.

Use dry erase laminate paper to wrap tube. Tube is bumpy, and grainy so make sure to keep paper backing on laminate paper.

Apply super glue to paper borders to bond to tube.

Repeat process on the other side of the tube.

Cut off excess paper.

It should look something like this.

Use Liquid Nails (Construction Adhesive) to glue together the base of your pillar. Place your 11x 14 at the bottom, add glue to the back of your 10 1/2 X 12, and center over your 11 X 14. Lastly, you're going to center your pie pan over your 10 1/2 X 12.

For the top of your pillar you're going to stack the opposite way. 11X14 on top, 10 1/2 X12 in the middle, and Pie Pan last.

Apply liquid glue around pie pan ( a little goes a long way). Place tube over pan. Let dry 4-6hrs.

Place top over tube, and TADAH! I chose not to glue the top in case I may want to add sand on a windy day.


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Suggested materials:
  • (2-4) 11 X14 Oak Wood   (Home Depot)
  • (2-4) 10 1/2 X 12 Melamine Wood (Shelf wood)   (Home Depot)
  • (2-4) Dollar Tree Pie Pans   (Dollar Tree)
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    Where do you put the super glue on the edges are the whole area

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