1. DIY cork trivet and coaster

First up, Sandra created two simple and inexpensive DIY projects using wine corks: a trivet and a coaster/trivet. With just a hot glue gun and some wine corks, these crafts were quick and fun to make.

For the trivet, she used an embroidery hoop and glued the corks together, securing them with the hoop. She also made a coaster/trivet using a pre-cut calendar insert or cork as the base. She arranged the corks in a pattern, glued them down, and voila!

These projects are perfect for wine enthusiasts and make for functional and stylish additions to any home. Cheers to wine drinkers and their crafty endeavors! Get tutorial here

2. DIY wine cork grapes

This project involves using leftover wine corks to create a decorative piece that celebrates wine right from the grape! The supplies needed include wine corks and a glue gun (although E600 or Gorilla Glue could be used instead). The corks can be arranged and glued together to form a desired shape.

An optional hoop can be added for hanging or using it as a Christmas ornament. The finished product showcases the natural red wine stains on the corks, so you don't even need to paint them! Get tutorial here

3. Wine cork patio table

This project involves creating a patio table using a whiskey barrel planter, wine corks, a pine round, and a round piece of glass. The pine round is placed inside the planter, and wine corks are spread out on top of it. Vinyl bumpers are attached to the planter's edge to cushion the glass top.

Finally, the glass is placed on the planter, creating a functional and stylish table for outdoor gatherings. It's a quick and easy project that adds a statement piece to your patio. Get tutorial here

4. Wine cork letter art

Shanna couldn't believe it when she came across a box of over 1000 wine corks at a yard sale, so she decided to find creative uses for them. After making a wine cork bulletin board, she used the remaining corks to create wine cork letters. She purchased wooden letters from a craft store, arranged the corks to fit, and glued them on using a hot glue gun.

The result is a unique and visually appealing display that would fit well in a kitchen or could also make for a fun gift idea. Get tutorial here

5. Air plant wine cork magnets

This project involves upcycling wine corks to create air-plant wine bottle cork magnets. All you need is a wine bottle cork, glue, a magnet, and an air plant. Simply attach the magnet to the cork using glue and then glue the air plant onto the cork.

The air plant requires minimal care and only needs to be spritzed with water once a week. It's a simple and creative way to repurpose wine corks while adding a touch of greenery to your home decor. Get tutorial here

6. Champagne cork Christmas ornaments

In this project, Jim shares a way to repurpose champagne bottle tops into sentimental Christmas ornaments. By drilling a hole in the cap portion of the muselet and attaching spare hooks, the muselet is able to hang freely. Small gold ornaments and trimmed corks are then added and secured with hot glue.

You can do this with champagne corks popped for special occasions such as weddings or graduations; turning them into meaningful decorations to enjoy every holiday. Get tutorial here

7. DIY cork bath mat

This project offers three DIY bath mat ideas, including a wine cork bath mat. The wine cork bath mat involves cutting wine corks in half and arranging them creatively on a rubber mat.

Silicone adhesive is used to secure the corks in place, and a rubber coating is applied to protect them from moisture. Once the sealant is dry, the cork bath mat is ready to be used. Get tutorial here

8. Wine cork Christmas tree

Anna made this miniature Christmas Tree out of wine corks for her annual festive wine-pairing party. Simply take your time gluing together the corks into a pyramid shape. If you are looking for an easy gift for a friend or colleague this is definitely worth looking at. Get tutorial here

9. More clever wine cork hacks

Last but not least, Kara presents six clever hacks for repurposing wine corks.

The first hack involves cutting a slit in the cork to create an instant chip clip. The second hack is to create a phone stand by cutting a wider slit in the cork. The third hack involves attaching a mini clothespin to a cork to make a card or picture stand.

Hacks four and five involve slicing the cork into disks, which can be used as cabinet stoppers or furniture protectors. The sixth hack is to drill a hole through the cork, allowing it to act as a self-watering plant device when placed upside-down in a wine bottle filled with water.

These creative cork hacks offer practical and decorative solutions using leftover corks. Get tutorial here