This one that sits in a big jar

Just imagine how many succulents you can fit into this huge jar. Get tutorial here

This coffee pot one

From the blue pot handle to the colorful succulents, this little thing is so adorable on any table. Get tutorial here

This pretty one made in a vase

We love the idea to put succulents in a vase. It's like an everlasting bouquet of flowers. Get tutorial here

This one that looks like a gumball machine

It’s actually made out of a terra cotta pot and saucer. Who knew? Get tutorial here

This easy one made from a coke bottle

Place some pebbles on the bottom to level out the dirt, then plant your favorite succulent and you’re good to go. Get tutorial here

This cute one made from old glass jars

Just another reason we love to repurpose and recycle. Get tutorial here

This fancy one using dollar store frames

Just another reason why we love going to the dollar store. Get tutorial here

These hanging globe terrariums

If there’s one thing we like more than terrariums, it’s a bunch of globe terrariums. Get tutorial here

This beach vibe one

You don’t always need dirt; sand works well, too. Get tutorial here

This one made from a light fixture

You don’t always need to buy something for a terrarium, more often than not, you can find something for it in your home. Get tutorial here

This aquarium-turned-terrarium one

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Not to mention those adorable mini pots used to hold the plants. Get tutorial here

This one that used to be a pendant light

It looks so perfect as a terrarium, we couldn't believe that it was first a pendant light. Get tutorial here

This square one made from picture frames

Use a hot glue gun to glue these together, then fill it with some moss and a plant. Get tutorial here

This one made in a punch bowl and glass

Little wine glass succulents! Definitely the top of the cutest terrarium list. Get tutorial here

These ones made from mason jars

Ahh, mason jars. Is there anything that doesn’t look good with you? Get tutorial here

This cute one made in a bottle

We love how much it adds to the shelf it’s sitting on. Get tutorial here

This bell shaped pumpkin themed one

Whether for fall or spring, this pumpkin terrarium works anywhere. Get tutorial here

This simple vase one

Just one big succulent, that’s all this vase needs to look perfect all the time. Get tutorial here

These cute ones made from vintage containers

That gumball machine, with those old spice cans, are absolutely adorable. Get tutorial here

This heart one made from a pan

You know those heart-shaped and teddy-bear shaped pans? They’re more than just for baking cakes. Get tutorial here