How can I get rid of Johnson grass? It has taken over my property.

My husband won't allow me to get goats!!

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  • You can "borrow" goats. Where I live you basically rent them for a couple days.

  • DB DB on May 28, 2018
    Actually it is not so good for goats anyway, 1. Don't let it go to seed. 2. Dig it up It spreads by rhizomes and seeds. and then plant something else that will compete with it. 3. Cover the area with black plastic--( no water , no sun, weakens grass 4. Last resort Talk to somebody who knows about herbicides. so you don't have to agent orange your whole yard -there are best times to use them

  • Mindshift Mindshift on May 29, 2018
    Johnson grass is a biennial that spreads by seed but primarily by rhizomes. Pulling plants in the spring after a rain so the root comes with the leaves is the best method, so if you see young plants pull them up. This is not practical for large infestations which can be controlled by continual mowing, and by not allowing seed heads to form. Roundup is best used when plants are at least 18 inches tall but before they begin to seed out. However, Roundup is not the best choice as everything where it is sprayed will be killed.
    Johnson grass is OK forage as long as it is not stressed. Drought and especially freezing weather can cause hydrogen cyanide to form making it poisonous if eaten in quantity by grazing animals.

  • Theresa Smith Theresa Smith on May 29, 2018
    Well, I've had some success with "watering" weeds with vinegar - straight out of the jug. It gets absorbed into the root system and is too acid for them, so they die. I didn't realize that stuff spread by rhyzomes. Learn something new every day. I have a patch of Johson grass in my yard, you've inspired me to try it on that next.

  • Rob Rob on May 29, 2018
    Amine 400. You can purchase at tractor supply