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Decorative Rain Chain

Rain chains are so lovely to have hanging outside and today I want to show you how to create one with just a few things you probably have at home.

DIY Cutting Board Shelves

I am going to show you how to turn 10 cutting boards from the Dollar Tree into the cutest little shelf today.

Concrete in Bag Walkway

Creating your own cobblestone path couldn't be easier with this fun DIY!

Dollar Tree Fence Basket

Grab some fences from the dollar store to make a cute summer basket.

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Fix a gap in my porch?

There’s a hole in my porch that we didn’t catch moving in. How do I fix this I’m worried it’s going to cause issues if it hasn’t already.

How to fix kitchen corner cabinet hinge?

Hi! In the house my brother-in-law purchased a number of years ago, he has a corner kitchen cabinet with a broken hinge. Can anyone identify what kind of special hinge it…

Anything I can do to stiffen my boxes??

Hello!I’m looking for a way to make this more organized. My boxes are flimsy. They are fabric storage boxes. Is there a way to make them stiffer or should I get new ones?…

Fixing low spots in the driveway?

driveway is sloped toward the house slightly so the run off is coming in, anyone have a helpful solution?

Can I keep electronics on top of my radiator cover during the winter ?

Will it ruin my electronics what would be the best way to solve this issue Should I put a tv stand in front of it or try and build a shelf over it or would it be fine…

Deca space saving toilets, how has your experience been? ?

I am remodeling a tiny 3x3 bathroom. Finding a small toilet has been a challenge. I found this at Menards but can't find any reviews. Does anyone have this toilet and hav…

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DIY Towel Drying Rack

Putting together a towel rack for your pool couldn't be easier with this quick and fun project.

Pool Noodle Furniture

I want to show you how to build a comfy bench out of pool noodles and wood for today's project.

Hide Countertop Clutter

Today I am going to share a clever way to cover up the clutter on your kitchen counter.

Living Room Built Ins

Turn a plain vaulted ceiling into a cozy, functional wall full of storage! This DIY project uses wall cabinets, faux shiplap, and pine boards to create the full look. Thi…

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Pottery Barn Coffee Table Copycat - 804 Sycamore

We haven’t had a coffee table for years! I love them, love styling them, love the function they add, but having one doesn’t always work out. Our daughters are eight and a…

Easy Outdoor Curtains

It’s fun to hang out on the patio but...

Front Door Makeover Using Liquid Wood - From Boring To Stained Wood

I've always wanted a stained wood door, but my goodness are they expensive! And, our door was already in really good condition, so we definitely NEED a new one!To get the…

I Painted an Upholstered Chair!

Have you ever painted upholstery? I have seen lots of videos of people converting the look of fabric-covered furniture into pieces that look like leather! They claim that…

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help! see all

How to remove paint from leather.?

I have painted a few leather pieces of furniture. Two came out great, but one, a love seat, was peeling and tacky right from the get-go. The odd thing is I painted anothe…

Fix a crack in my wood floor?

Need to fix a crack in my wood floor. My renters didn’t contact me, but instead hit it with a hammer and cracked it. Now I need to fix it. I can’t get new wood as this fl…

What do i do with these closet doors? Add mirrors or ???

Looking for update ideas. They are metal and go floor to ceiling

Fridge door Dents damage disguise ?

Looking to cover dents in new fridge door to a pigeon pair. They are at the top. Someone has touched up with unsure what. I was thinking maybe "Family" wall type decals…

How can i make my long narrow hall with high ceilings look wider

My hallway is in two parts. The first part where the street door, frontroom and kitchen doors all fun off. There isn't any natural light and is so long and narrow with a…

How to tone down the color?

I just bought a used painted hutch. The color is brighter than I thought when I bought it (was full of items in a dark area of the store). I need ideas on how to tone d…

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Easy Natural Weed Killer

I don't like using harsh chemicals at all. You don't need to when it comes to killing weeds. You can kill them with a couple of items you probably already have in your ho…

Dollar Tree DIY: Elegant Bowl Decor

Turning plastic bowls and trays from the Dollar Tree into elegant home decor is quite easy and affordable. For this project you will need the following supplies:Plastic b…

How to Decorate Easter Eggs Using Oil

Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition, but also a nice opportunity to be creative. Using plain color makes them look beautiful, but what about turning them into awesome w…


Growing dahlias indoors does not have to be difficult. The way I will be showing you has worked extremely well for me and I use the method every year. This method is also…