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Mini Fabric Flowers

Today I'm going to show you how to make these cute fabric flowers. You can use any fabric you like to make them so it's a great project to use up any scrap fabric you hav…

Burlap DIY Wreath

I thought burlap would make a great multi-seasonal wreath. Other than a bit of monotony, it worked out pretty well.

DIY West Elm & CB2 Dupes | High End Decor on a Budget

CassDIY West Elm & CB2 Dupes | High End Decor on a Budget

How to Use a Spray Gun for Painting

Hubs is a professional paint sprayer so you better believe he has all the tips and tricks on how to use a spray gun for painting! In this post, he shows us some cool pain…

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Craft coffee creamer containers?

I saved and cleaned out creamora containers for crafts with my intellectually disabled adult clients. They were intended to be snowmen, but our program won't reopen until…

How can I cover up my plate rack/cubbies under my kitchen cabinets?

The plate rack under my kitchen cabinets ends up being an ugly catchall. Any suggestions for covering it up? Replacing the cabinets is not in the budget for now!

What can I do with an old brass headboard and footboard ?

These are in pretty rough shape so I can’t use them as I had intended. Any ideas for what I could do with them? It is queen size and the headboard is 56 inches tall in t…

Cover tiffed pillows?

i need to recover the back is the finished project... thank you all for your contributions

How do I upcycle this old bathroom cabinet?

I am redecorating a half bath. I have this outdated cabinet and trying to decide how to update it. I don't need it for storage so I would probably like to remove the door…

Make convenient ?

The cabinets I have in my laundry room are to far to reach for my laundry supplies and other cleaning supplies, steam mop heads etc. does anyone have a suggestion to make…

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Update Your Baseboards!

Adding baseboard to a renovated space is like putting lipstick on a face; it’s the finishing touch that brings it all together. Today we’re showing you how to put up base…

Farmhouse Wood Truck Decor

Autumn is a great time of year to add a little decor to the house, and here is one idea that can be used a few different ways such a mantle decor or even in a wreath!

Budget & Renter Friendly Shiplap: WASHI TAPE. The Review & Tutorial

Today I am a DIY hack I attempted and reviewed.I introduce to you... WASHI TAPE SHIPLAP!Now if you are new, I like to test out DIY hacks and give you my experience, first…

Loose Lay Vinyl – the Easiest Floor to Install!

Let’s face it, most basements will experience water damage at some point. Because it’s waterproof, durable and can be easily removed and reinstalled if you ever have a fl…

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How to Organize Sportswear on a Shelf

I have several workout clothes. Depending on the occasion, I have a few types. Some for summer. Others for winter when I need to have an extra lining because of the frigi…

Custom Bathtub Caddy With Live Edge

I've wanted to work on this project for a while and last weekend decided it was time to get it done. It was something I wanted to surprise my wife with while she relaxes…

Decoupage Glass - DIY Custom Artwork

Making custom artwork that reflects who you are can be empowering. Living in surroundings that speaks to the heart of who you are enabling us to create our own sanctuarie…

Paw Print Picture

Fur baby paw prints. Do I have to say anything more? Many pet parents have used ink and paper to make these prints. But if you’ve done this already, you know how much of…

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These hometalkers need your help! see all

Window treatment ?

Remodeled bathroom window lost the moulding around the right side of the window. New shower prevents window treatment from being centered over the window. How can we bala…

Rae Dunn ?

I wanted to update everyone who gave me ideas on displaying my Rae Dunn

Need wall inspiration

Our house is light and open but I need something for this TV wall. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Use chalk paint on chair with upholstery?

I want a light gray look and the chair is dark brown. I don’t want to mess up the upholstery so I am worried about bleaching products? HELP!

Paint a light maple table and chairs?

I want a grey finish and wonder if stripping off the clear coating is required? One product J saw states not necessary just use their product about $50 a quart.

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Unique DIY Cookbook & Tablet Stand (IKEA Hack)

This cookbook stand DIY is so adorable but also super easy in execution. It all started when I found this bitten-up old IKEA cutting board. It was not very usable, but I…

Simple Sunroom Upgrade

This post was sponsored by Floorigami. All opinions are my own.My sunroom is one of the features that really “sold” us on our house years ago. It’s a large, multi-purpos…

DIY Cardboard Number 1 for First Birthday

Want to make your own keepsake of DIY cardboard number 1 using shipping boxes? Let me help you. These cardboard numbers retails for $10- $15 and I will show you how you c…

Faux Cupcakes

With fake bakes being so hot at the moment, I wanted to make some fake cupcakes. You all ate these as kids so I’m sure you’ll recognise these cupcakes. I made fake Hostes…