How to Make a Cute DIY Grinch Wreath Without Using Any Glue

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

I wanted to give a friend a Christmas gift this year and she's a huge fan of the Grinch. So I went to my local store and I found this adorable Grinch sign.

Follow along to discover how I made this DIY Grinch wreath with only a few supplies and no glue or tape at all!

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Tools and materials

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Grinch Christmas sign
Attaching a pipe cleaner to the sign

1. Attach a pipe cleaner to the sign

We're going to start by flipping it over. This sign already has a hanger up top, so let's use that to our advantage.

We're going to take a pipe cleaner and just secure it. When securing your pipe cleaners, make sure to twist it around the hanger to ensure that it doesn't come loose.

Attaching a Grinch sign to the wreath

2. Attach the sign to the wreath

Now we're going to work it into an evergreen wreath. I'm just going to take that pipe cleaner, feed it through all of the evergreen tips, and secure it to the metal frame.

Tip: It's really important that you secure it to the metal frame and not just the pine tips. Because if you do just secure it to the pine tips, the sign will begin to sag over time.

Removing the tops from the ornaments

3. Remove the tops from ornaments

In my opinion, no wreath is complete without ornaments. So here we just have some shatterproof plastic ornaments. All we're going to do is pop off the top.

Attaching ornaments to the wreath

4. Attach the ornaments to the wreath

If you don't have any hot glue, here's an easy tip for you guys. Take the ornaments and just poke them right into the pine and that'll keep them in place and prevent them from falling off.

That way, if you want to switch up this wreath or change it out for each season and holiday, all you have to do is just remove the ornaments and store them.

I have a mixture of red and green today and we're just going to start poking them throughout.

Cutting a length of ribbon

5. Add ribbon

Now it's time to embellish this even more with a little bit of ribbon. Here we have this really pretty ribbon with lime green, white, red, and emerald green, which matches the sign really nicely. The Grinch is almost the same lime green color.

To work in this ribbon, we're going to add a bunch of tails throughout. I'm a firm believer that not every single wreath has to require a beautiful bow. Sometimes, the use of some extra tails can really make a wreath stand out.

First, we'll just cut some pieces about eight to twelve inches long.

How to dovetail ribbon

How to dovetail ribbon

We'll take our ribbon, fold it in half, and dovetail. To dovetail, cut from the middle out towards the edge at an angle, and it reveals that beautiful finished edge.

Attaching ribbon dovetails to the wreath

All of the twists on these pine reeds are wired, so it makes it very easy to actually secure everything, whether it be ornaments or ribbon. It makes things so much easier, especially if you want to switch things out.

If you're not confident in the exact placement, you're able to remove them. Nothing's glued on this wreath. You could also change up the wreath each year.

DIY Grinch wreath

DIY Grinch wreath

I think my friend is going to be really happy with this gift. I think this DIY Grinch wreath turned out so cute. Feel free to replace any of these items with anything that matches your home or your aesthetic.

What we have on this wreath is a 24-inch evergreen form, a little bit of ribbon, some ornaments, and a sign, and that is it. So you can make this wreath for about $20 to $25, which is really economical.

What do you think about this DIY Christmas wreath? Let me know in the comments below.

Nick Kreticos
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