How to Make a Cute Terracotta Pot Nutcracker in 3 Easy Steps

Today, we're taking mini terracotta pots and turning them into adorable holiday nutcracker decorations. With some paints and a bit of imagination, we'll transform these plant pots into cute terracotta pot nutcracker figures.

This is such a fun and easy project, so let's dive in and get creative!

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Tools and materials

Small Mini Clay Pots for Indoor/Outdoor Plants and Crafts

Number: 28 pieces Material: Clay Size: 2.16 by 1.96 inches

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Painting the terracotta pots

1. Paint the terracotta pots

I saw these little mini terracotta pots on Amazon and thought they would make the cutest little holiday decor. I'm going to use 5 of the mini pots for this project, as well as some red, black, and blue paint.

I wanted to paint the pots before putting them together, so I'm starting with the black. The first pot is only going to have black paint on the rim of the pot. The next little pot is going to be painted entirely black.

One pot is going to be entirely red and then the last one is going to be red around the rim.

Painted terracotta pots

These little pots are cute and the paint dries really fast so I can go back to the first pots as soon as I'm finished up with the last one.

One of the pots with the black rim I'm going to finish off with blue. I'm also going to finish off the one with the red rim with blue as well.

Painting gold details on the terracotta pots

2. Add details

Now that the paint is all dry it's time to add a few little embellishments. This is where that gold metallic paint is going to be perfect.

I'm going to start with the pot I painted entirely red, add six little gold buttons, and then connect them like little chains. I also want to add some little buttons and chains to the pot painted all black.

Painting a face on the terracotta pot

The final thing I need to paint before putting my cute little pots together is a face.

I find it easiest to draw a little face with a pencil and then fill it in with paint. That way you can make any changes you need before you've put the paint on the pot. I've already gone ahead and drawn a little face on another pot here.

The face doesn't need to be complicated at all. Just add some eyes, eyebrows, a little nose, and a mustache.

Gluing the pots together with contact cement

3. Glue the pots together

The last thing I need to do is attach all of the little mini pots together. I used contact cement to glue them together.

I'm starting with the black ribbed pot facing down with the blue facing up. Next, I'm going to add the red, the solid red pot on top. Then I'm going to add the other two pots together the little face with the hat, and then I'll stick those on to the top of the rest at the end.

DIY terracotta pot nutcrackers
Terracotta pot nutcrackers

Terracotta pot nutcrackers

I hope this has inspired you to go grab some mini terracotta pots and use them in your holiday decor this season. These terracotta pot nutcrackers are so cute, you won't be disappointed.

What do you think of this DIY nutcracker craft? Let me know in the comments below.

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