How to Make DIY Brass Christmas Bells Inspired By Pottery Barn

Let's make some DIY brass Christmas bells, just like the fancy ones from Pottery Barn. They're easy to make and won't cost much. Hang these Christmas bells up to make your home feel all Christmassy and welcoming.

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Painting the flower pots black

1. Paint the flower pots black

We're going to start this project with a clay flower pot and I'm going to be painting my planter entirely with black paint. So I'm going to paint the exterior and I'm painting the interior portions and I'm making sure that I'm getting complete coverage.

Applying gold Rub n Buff with a rag

2. Apply gold Rub n Buff

For this next step, I'm going to be using some Antique Gold Rub n Buff and a rag and I'm applying this rub and buff in smaller portions all over the black paint on my pot.

I'm making sure that I give it kind of an antique patina look but ultimately I'm trying to make this look a little more like a metallic brass or even just a vintagey antiquey gold.

Painting the dowel black

3. Paint the dowel

Next, I am grabbing a square wood dowel. I'm also using the same black paint I used on my flower pots and I'm going to be painting the dowel all the way black.

Cutting a dowel with a miter box and backsaw

4. Cut the dowel

I'm actually going to be pulling out my miter box and backsaw to cut down my dowel. I want to make sure I'm cutting it down to a shorter length because I'm going to be using it on a variety of these pots. Sand down the edges and re-paint black if needed.

Gluing twine to a dowel

5. Glue twine to the dowel

I'm taking some twine and my hot glue gun to attach the twine to either side.

Cutting cardboard into strips

6. Cut cardboard into strips

For this next step, I'm taking a piece of cardboard that I got from a recent Amazon order and I'm cutting it down into different strips. You can decide however wide you want this part to be. I'm using an X-ACTO blade and a metal straight ruler to guide me and make a nice clean cut.

Painting the cardboard with gold Rub n Buff

7. Paint the cardboard

Once I cut my cardboard, I'm going to be painting it black very much like what I did with the flower pot, with two coats of paint. Once that dries, I am taking my Rub n Buff again with a rag and I am covering the entire thing like I did the flower pots.

Threading and tying the twine

8. Thread & tie the twine

I'm threading my twine through the hole at the bottom of the flower pot. Then, I'm actually cutting the loop into two pieces and tying a knot.

Gluing the cardboard to the bell top

9. Glue the cardboard to the flower pot

From there, I'm going to be taking my cardboard piece and adhering it to the flower pot. I want the black wood dowel to stay put on the interior part of the flower pot, so I want the cardboard to hold it in place but also serve as a place to hang the decor that we're making.

Attaching rope to the bell

10. Attach rope

I am taking some rope that I got at Dollar Tree and tying a knot. Now the bells are ready to hang.

DIY hanging Christmas bells
DIY brass Christmas bells

DIY brass Christmas bells

I hope this inspired you to try this Pottery Barn dupe for their bell wall decor. It's perfect as a holiday decor piece in your home and it's budget-friendly.

What do you think of these DIY brass Christmas bells? Let me know in the comments below.

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