Christmas Bell Craft: How to Create Antique Inspired Holiday Decor

by Charity

The holiday season is here, and it's the perfect time to add a little jingle to your home!

I’m going to guide you through crafting your very own Antique Christmas bell craft.

These handmade Christmas decorations will add a personal, heartfelt touch to your space.

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Tools and Materials:

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Dollar Store Christmas bells

1. Gather Your Supplies

Begin your holiday craft by grabbing some cheap Christmas bells from your local Dollar Tree. You'll also need a pair of scissors, black spray paint, metallic gold spray paint, and twine for this DIY project.

DIY bells for Christmas

2. Trim the Greenery and Ribbon

First things first, take those Dollar Tree bells and give them a fresh start. Using your scissors, carefully cut off all the greenery and ribbon attached to the bells, leaving you with just the plain forms.

Spray paint the bells

3. Paint the Bells Black

Take your bells outside, and give them a thorough coating of black paint. Make sure to cover them evenly and let them dry for a full 24 hours or simply leave them overnight.

Christmas crafts with jingle bells

4. Add a Touch of Gold

Now it's time to give your bells a touch of elegance. Come back to your black-painted bells and gently spray them with metallic gold paint. Remember, you don't need to cover the bells entirely with gold; let some of that black shine through for that perfect antique look.

Create a layered effect by tying twine to the Christmas bells

5. Attach Twine for a Layered Effect

Once your DIY Christmas bells decorations have dried and are looking fabulous, it's time to add the finishing touch. Take some twine and get creative with it!

Antique-inspired Christmas bell craft tutorial

Tie the twine to the bells at different lengths, creating a layered effect.

DIY Christmas bells decorations

6. Deck the Halls!

With your DIY bells ready, it's time to attach them to your Christmas mantel. Arrange them as you like, and watch your space transform into a cozy and festive wonderland.

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Antique Christmas Bell Craft Tutorial

There you have it, a DIY Christmas bell that not only adds an antique touch to your holiday decor but also keeps it affordable.

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'Tis the season of sharing, so leave a comment below with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on what you’ll be crafting this Christmas.

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