How to Craft a Festive Glass Bowl Snowman and Candle Holder

Are you ready for a heartwarming Christmas DIY project? Let's infuse your home with holiday cheer by crafting a magical glass bowl snowman and matching candle holder.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to turn thrifted glassware into festive décor, adding a personal touch to your winter celebrations.

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Tools and Materials:

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Upcycled glassware for Christmas crafts

Take a trip to your local Goodwill and buy yourself a variety of glassware including a candlestick, votive holder, candy dishes (one with a lid), and a vase.

Glassware upcycling for festive decor

Add a generous amount of dish soap to your sink and fill it with water.

Washing thrifted glassware

Carefully place all your thrifted glass dishes inside the sink, and remove the labels, dirt, debris, and anything else on the dishes.

Affordable Christmas decor from Goodwill finds

Cover your work surface to protect it during this recycled glass art craft.

Glass Bowl Snowman

Winter holiday DIY decorating ideas

1. Create the Base

Begin by positioning a vase upside down. This will be the bottom layer of the homemade snowman.

Step-by-step snowman craft for Christmas

2. Build the Body

Attach a candy bowl to the top of the upside-down vase.

Thrift store glass bowl decorations

Add a second identical candy bowl on top of the first one, creating the body of your DIY glass snowman.

Attach Candy Bowls

3. Top it Off

Enhance the snowman's structure by placing a votive holder on the very top.

Stick on a votive holder

This will be your snowman's head.

Allow your glass bowl snowman to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Cut a sock

4. Fashion the Snowman's Hat

Take a Dollar Tree sock and cut off one end.

Handmade snowman tutorial

Tie a rubber band to one side.

Easy DIY winter decorations for home

Now you have the perfect snowman's hat.

Create a mini scarf

5. Scarf Styling

For the other end of the sock, cut along the sides to open it into a long strip.

Upcycle an old sock into a scarf for your DIY snowman

Then cut one more long strip from that sock, creating a charming scarf.

Dollar Tree sock snowman tutorial

6. Finishing Touches

Position the snowman's hat on top of the votive holder and add the scarf to the neck.

Simple Thrifted Glassware Candle Holder

How to make a glass candle holder for holiday decor

Place a thrifted glass taper candle holder on your protected surface, and add some glue to the top.

Stick a candy bowl on top of a glass candle holder

Stick a candy dish on the top.

Homemade glass candle holder for winter decor

If you want to add a personal touch, embellish the front with ribbon and pine.

Add a battery operated tea light candle

Insert a tea light into the candle holder.

Place the lid on top of the candy bowl

Put the lid on.

DIY Christmas Decorations

For more festive decor projects, discover Hometalk's best DIY Christmas snowman crafts.

DIY holiday crafts with thrifted items

Glass Bowl Snowman and Candle Holder Craft

I hope this step-by-step guide inspired you to craft your own glass bowl snowman and maybe even try your hand at the thrifted glassware candle holder.

Drop a comment below, sharing your favorite part of the process or any creative twists you introduced.

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