Stack them into a side table

It’s vintage, it’s fresh, and it’s adorable. If you have old suitcases lying around, this is a great way to put them to use. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a comfy bed for your pet

This cute doggie bed was the perfect size for this hometalker’s pet. Get tutorial here

Or attach some wooden legs into a night stand

It’s a table, and you can open it for extra bedroom storage. Love it! Get tutorial here

Upcycle it into a vintage craft box

You’ll love storing your craft tools is this nifty and vintage case. Get tutorial here

Refresh it with new fabric

This sad suitcase needed some cheering up, and covering it in jeans was the perfect solution. Get tutorial here

Cut and hang them into floating shelves

These have got to be some of the coolest floating shelves we’ve ever seen. Get tutorial here

Use it as a vintage bar

Place it on top of a small table and use it as the perfect place to display your alcohol collection and entertain desks. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a funky side table

This is just full of character, and those stickers really add to it. Get tutorial here

Use it for your home decor

There might not be any use for this, but it looks so primp and pretty by the entryway of this home. Get tutorial here

Repurpose it into a vintage charging station

Drill some holes for the wires, and never go looking for a charger again. Get tutorial here

Drill some hairpin legs for a standing table

This vintage and chic table is both functional and makes for adorable home decor. Get tutorial here

Plant your favorite herbs in it

Spray the suitcase with a weather protector, then fill the inside with soil and your favorite plants. Get tutorial here

Or use it as an addition to your home decor

This antique suitcase, with a special story, was put on full display in this home. Get tutorial here

Repurpose it into a chic desk

The glass top is perfect for using as a table without detracting from the red design. Get tutorial here

Turn it into an adorable little ottoman

Who wouldn’t want this cute little thing in your living room? And that added space for blankets only makes it cuter! Get tutorial here