Making a Fitted Sheet Wider.

Margaret Powell
by Margaret Powell
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Before you can widen a sheet, filling in the corner needs to be done first.
When you open up a fitted sheet corner, you will find that there is a square of fabric missing. Before you can widen the sheet, this corner must first be filled in.
Measure the size of the square and cut a piece of fabric so that you have a 5/8 inch over lap onto the sheet.
Press under the 5/8 making the corner a nice square
Pin the fabric onto the top side of the sheet
Pin the corner
Stitch close to the edge
On the wrong side of the sheet, fold under and stitch close to the edge.
Clip in at the corner just enough to allow you to fold under to make a secure corner.
Pin the corner.
Stitch around the corner.
Wrong side finished.
Right Side finished. Now you can add fabric all along the side of the sheet to make it wider,
Suggested materials:
  • Fitted sheet and extra fabric
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  • Roberta Lenski Roberta Lenski on Jan 16, 2017
    Just curious - why? It's a lot of work. Why not just use a flat sheet and make it fitted?
  • Sue LaRose Sue LaRose on Feb 05, 2017
    I have a foam mattress on top of regular mattress which is thinner all bottom sheets are made with elastic and way to big to fit tightly. I even tried double bed ones but of course they are to small, old fashioned ones would be easy but elastic is driving me nuts. Would I just cut off elastic and start over I don't want to ruin a sheet, they cost to much lol.
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