Build a box around your stove hood

Then add some trim and paint to match your cabinets. Get tutorial here

Extend your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

Make them look like they’re meant to fit your kitchen space with a little length. Get tutorial here

Add moulding to your cabinets

Nothing says “built-in” like moulding to blend your cabinets in the kitchen. Get tutorial here

Attach trim and paint to your island

The little embellishments are what transform this island into a built-in one. Get tutorial here

Glue an applique to your microwave vent

The small and clever change makes this microwave look totally built-in. Get tutorial here

Cut out part of your wall to make a pantry

This genius hack is perfect for small kitchen with little storage room. Get tutorial here

Use an MDF board to build a range hood

This built-in look is simple enough and is relatively quick to do. Get tutorial here

Build a microwave cubby

You add a little extra storage room and your microwave looks built-in. Get tutorial here

Surround your fridge with plywood

A designated spot will help it blend it to your kitchen more. Get tutorial here

Add wood to your dishwasher to blend in

You can’t even tell that this dishwasher isn’t actually a cabinet. Get tutorial here

Extend your countertop to include seating

When your island also becomes a bar, suddenly it looks a lot more built-in. Get tutorial here