Make a Homemade DIY Christmas Topiary Out of a Tomato Cage

Today, I'll show you how to create a homemade DIY Christmas topiary using basic materials such as a tomato cage, chicken wire, and festive decorations. Watch as a simple frame transforms into a cute holiday topiary. Let's get started!

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Tools and materials

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Cutting off the top of the tomato cage

1. Cut off the top of a tomato cage

The first thing I did was take a tomato cage. I cut up the top two rings and I'm just keeping the bottom two rings.

Tying the top of the tomato cage

2. Tie the top of the tomato cage with a pipe cleaner

Take these three ends with a pipe cleaner and just secure them really well. I'm going to weave this up and in and out to make sure that they do not pop apart.

Securing the chicken wire with pipe cleaners

3. Secure chicken wire with pipe cleaners

Now I have my craft chicken wire, which I'm going to take and secure around the bottom. I've taken some pipe cleaners and cut them into thirds. I'm going to work my way around the base attaching the chicken wire.

Trimming the excess chicken wire

4. Trim the excess chicken wire

Now I'm going to cut off the excess and attach it as we go up. We're gonna use this extra on the top so it's vaguely like a tree.

Wrapping garlands around the chicken wire

5. Wrap garlands around the base

I picked up several of these garlands from the dollar store. These are a great base. Just wrap these around the tomato cage. They have wire in them so you can just use that to secure it.

Adding evergreen picks to the topiary

6. Add evergreen picks

Now I'm going to dress it up with some fancier evergreens. I've taken five of these stems and cut them apart into small pieces. I'm going to start down at the bottom and stick them right into the chicken wire. They will hold pretty well.

If you want this to be permanent, or use it year after year, you can put some hot glue on them.

Adding holly picks to the topiary

7. Add holly picks

I have a stem of holly that has a little glitter on it, so it looks like it's icy. I've cut that into small pieces and I'm just going to add some of them throughout our tree.

Placing the topiary on top of an urn

8. Place on top of an urn

So I have my tree all done and I could set it right on here, but I have these urns that I use for different things. I thought this would make a really nice base and give our tree some height.

Homemade DIY Christmas topiary

Homemade DIY Christmas topiary

There we go, we have our homemade DIY Christmas topiary ready. I hope you like this project and I look forward to seeing you again next time. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Chloe Crabtree
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