Loop a rug through them for a wall hanging

Get a boho chic look above your bed by using some belts and Anthro blankets. Get tutorial here

Adhere them to the wall for shelving

Tie them tightly around a plank of wood and attach them to the wall for the coolest floating shelf ever. Get tutorial here

Flatten them into a bench top

Get an amazing chic bench by distressing some old wood and covering the top with belts. Get tutorial here

Attach them to a dresser as drawer pulls

Get a rustic look for your cabinets and dressers by cutting up some belts and nailing them into drawers. Get tutorial here

Turn them into a fetching key ring

A stylish and sturdy way to keep track of your keys! Divide a belt into a key holder! Get tutorial here

Make them into cool plant hangers

Use strong leather belts as pulleys and hang them from the ceiling to maximize on space. Get tutorial here

Wind some around tins to get a tool caddy

Make your own awesome upcycled tool caddy from tin cans and colorful leather belts. Get tutorial here

Craft them into harness carrier straps

Love that Pendelton look? Create a carrier for your gorgeous blanket from leather belts. Get tutorial here

Paste them together as wall art

Gather some spare leather belts together to create a rustic piece of wall art. How cool! Get tutorial here

Mold them into bag straps

Cut up some jean & loop thick leather belts through the hoops & extend it as a strap. Get tutorial here

Secure them to jute baskets

Make a beautiful cottage porch basket by wrapping a gorgeously designed belt around it. Get tutorial here

Strap them to a cheese box for cute shelving

Transform a cheese box into gorgeous rustic decor by adding a hanging belt to a hook. Get tutorial here

Style them into a thanksgiving turkey bowl

Loop some belts to the side of a serving plate and you’ve got an adorable DIY turkey bowl. Get tutorial here