Knot together a macrame wall

This both adds design to your porch and privacy. Get tutorial here

Create a screen with curtains

Hang rod between posts and add curtains, so you can have privacy whenever you want. Get tutorial here

Grab some old doors for a makeshift wall

If you have one or two lying around, this wall can quickly be made for some needed privacy. Get tutorial here

Or line them up for a long and unique fence

Say goodbye to lattice fencing with this bold and bright idea. Get tutorial here

Hang board from the roof as a screen

Instead of buying a full fence, use pieces to make your own. Get tutorial here

Hang up some stained glass panels

You’ll add color and art to your backyard while also creating privacy. Get tutorial here

Build a wall filled with flowers and plants

This adds tranquility and color to what would otherwise be a boring wall. Get tutorial here

Stain and paint some plank boards

Who says your fence needs to be the same old boring thing? Get tutorial here

Stack tons of rocks together

In just five days, this went from an open space to an enclosed yard. Get tutorial here

Line up scrap pieces of lumber yard

This was so cool, that their neighbor was the one who actually posted about it. Get tutorial here

Hang some curtains from a bamboo rod

These curtains added some design and a bit more screening between the porch and yard. Get tutorial here

Use sheer panels for a whimsical feel

The curtains turned this upstairs porch into a getaway from the street below. Get tutorial here

Collect old doors and windows

We love this bright and different type of fence. Get tutorial here