How to Make a DIY Folding Board in 4 Simple Steps

by Rohina

Creating a DIY folding board is a breeze, and with just a few simple steps, you'll have the perfect tool to achieve that uniform fold every time. Let's get started on this 2-minute project!

Tools and materials

  • Cardboard (an old large Amazon carton works great)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • Tape
Perfectly folded towels

Step 1: Measure Your Textiles

Before diving into the DIY folding board, measure the dimensions of the towels, pillowcases, or T-shirts you'll be folding. This ensures your folding board is tailored to your specific needs.

Cutting cardboard into equal parts

Step 2: Prepare the Cardboard

Take your carton and cut it into three equal parts. In this DIY, we used three folding flaps of an old large Amazon carton. These dimensions worked well for hand towels, so adjust accordingly based on your measurements.

Step 3: Determine Folding Board Dimensions

Our folding board was 15 3/4” in height and 17 3/4” in length.

Cutting the cardboard

Once you have your measurements, cut the length into three equal vertical pieces.

How to make a folding board

Next, cut the middle piece in half horizontally.

Step 4: Create the U Shape Template

Take the cut pieces and arrange them into a U shape.

Taping the cardboard together

Use tape to secure the pieces in this configuration. This U shape will serve as your folding template, ensuring that your folds are consistent and uniform.

DIY folding board

Once taped, your folding board is ready for action.

To fold:

Placing the item on the board

Place the item you are folding in the center of the board.

Folding the right side

Fold the right side of the cardboard over to the middle.

Folding the left side

Fold the left side of the cardboard to the middle.

Folding the bottom section upwards

Open both sides, then fold the bottom section upwards.

Folded towels

There you have it—a quick, affordable, and effective DIY folding board to streamline your folding routine.

DIY folding board

It's a handy tool that will make folding towels, pillowcases, and T-shirts a breeze. Do you use folding boards? Share your thoughts on their use in the comments below.

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