DIY Laundry Room Organization ideas

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Keep Laundry Rooms Organized
Have a bag for each color
Hang different laundry bags for different color clothing on hooks to make the task of sorting laundry as easy as possible.
Install hooks for convenience
Use hooks for important items. They are useful for hanging everything from keys to peg bags. Add hooks inside cabinet doors for bonus space.
Keep any spare change
Have a jar for coins that you find at the bottom of the washer. These can be bought online, but you can make your own for a personal touch.
Use baskets for laundry products
Use storage baskets, whether inside cabinets or in the open, to keep laundry products organized. Having a home for each item improves tidying.
Hang drying racks from the ceiling
Attach drying racks to the ceiling to create extra floor space while utilizing areas that would otherwise go to waste.
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Say Goodbye to Laundry Room Chaos: DIY Laundry Basket Station

Doing laundry is already such a hassle, and tripping over those laundry baskets filled with clothes doesn't make it any more enjoyable. To make things a little easier, I transformed an old bookshelf into a DIY laundry basket station. Hello, organization!

River Rock Boot Tray

Spring showers are coming on strong and the wet, sloppy mess from everyone's boots was starting to drive me a little crazy. So, I thought about what I had on-hand that would solve the problem. And, a baking sheet was the answer! Topped off with some river rocks, I create a functional and fancy looking boot tray. When it becomes filled with water or dirt, simply run it under hot water and dry it off. As good as new!