How to Build a DIY Laundry Cart: Practical Storage Solutions

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by Mitch Couch
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I wanted to surprise my wife with a delightful addition to our laundry room organization system. So, I decided to create a custom storage solution with a DIY laundry cart!

In this post, I'll guide you through the steps to build a practical and stylish container, filling that gap between the washer and dryer. With just a few basic materials and tools, you can craft this space-saving laundry cart and keep your essentials neatly organized and easily accessible.

Let's get started on this fun DIY laundry room project!

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Tools and Materials:

  • 1x8 wooden boards
  • 1x3 wooden boards
  • Measuring tape and pencil
  • Miter saw or jigsaw
  • Brad nailer or screws
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper (80 grit and 220 grit)
  • Caster wheels (four in total)
  • Hinge
  • Paint or stain
  • Rag
  • Handle
DIY laundry room furniture - Creating a practical storage solution

1. Measure and Cut the Boards

To begin, we'll need some 1x8s and 1x3s.

Washer and dryer gap filler

Measure the width of your washer and dryer; mine was 24 inches.

Measure the height of your washer and dryer

Next, measure the height, mine was 36 inches.

Mark and cut your boards

We are now going to measure and cut 2 of the 1x8 boards at 32.5”.

Custom laundry room storage

We also need two more 1x8s measured and cut at 24”

Laundry room essentials storage

Lastly cut two more 22” pieces from the 1x8s.

Attach a 24 inch board to the bottom of the two longer boards

2. Assemble the Bottom and Middle Shelves

The front and back parts of our DIY laundry board will be the longer pieces. We are going to attach our first 24" piece to the bottom of those two boards.

Attaching wooden boards together with a brad nailer

Personally, I prefer using my trusty Brad nailer, but screws work just as well. However, always remember to pre-drill, especially near the ends of the boards, to avoid splitting them. Pre-drilling reduces the risk of any mishaps during assembly.

Practical and stylish laundry room storage DIY project

With the bottom securely in place, we'll move on to installing the middle shelf. Measuring 17 inches from the top, we'll position it to provide ample room for storing items without any concerns about space.

Attach the middle shelf with a brad nailer

Just like before, I'll be using the Brad nailer to attach this board firmly.

Add barrier boards to the shelf

3. Add Barrier Boards

To keep your items from falling off the shelves we are going to add barrier boards on both sides.

Laundry room storage ideas

Measure and cut your 1x3s to the required length. If you're tired of measuring, use the first cut board as a template for the rest.

Nail the barrier piece to the inside of the shelf

Nail them on the inside of each shelf on both sides. Use the Brad nailer on the side and bottom for extra strength.

Laundry room organization ideas

Don't worry if some cuts don't line up perfectly; you can sand the edges later for a smooth finish.

Screw caster wheels to the bottom of the cart

4. Add Wheels for Mobility

Attach four caster wheels to the bottom of the DIY laundry cart. Remember to pre-drill and use appropriately sized screws to avoid any protrusions. The wheels will make it easy to move the cart when needed.

Hidden storage solution

5. Create a Hidden Top Shelf

Using the last 24-inch board, attach a hinge to the back. This will serve as a hidden shelf on top of the container, perfect for storing small laundry items like pods and dryer sheets.

Sand your custom storage cart

6. Sand the DIY Laundry Storage Cart

Sand all the boards with 80 grit followed by 220 grit for a smooth surface.

Laundry room space-saving ideas

7. Stain or Paint the Laundry Room Trolley

Now that your storage container is assembled, it's time to add your favorite finish. You can either paint it or apply a stain. Personally, I prefer staining with a rag for an even application.

Handled attached to the front of the trolley

8. Add a handle

Attach a handle to the front of the trolley so you can easily pull it in and out.

Looking for more laundry room storage ideas?

If you want to enhance your laundry room organization further, explore this clever Laundry Basket Station tutorial using a repurposed bookshelf.

DIY laundry room organization

How to Build a DIY Laundry Cart

With the final touches complete, your DIY laundry cart is ready to serve its purpose. Simply place it between the washer and dryer, and with the added handle, you can easily pull it out to access your laundry essentials.

Organize laundry essentials with a hidden top shelf storage container

The hidden top shelf offers convenient storage for pods and dryer sheets, eliminating the need to pull the container out for every load.

I hope this project inspires you to create your own custom storage solution and keep your laundry room organized and clutter-free! Please share your creations and tips in the comments below!

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  • Lynn Lynn on Aug 11, 2023
    It's very attractive. But why not just leave the washer and dryer together and put it on one end???
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  • AJ AJ on Aug 12, 2023
    People post projects because it works for them, and hope that we can learn something positive about their project. It would work for me because I’m short too. So I appreciate your project and initiative. I am going to copy your great idea. Great job!! Press on!!
  • Lin68735457 Lin68735457 on Aug 12, 2023
    I would much rather buy the narrow plastic shelves on wheels that are made especially to sit between the washer and dryer.