DIY Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Tips for Laundry Room Shelves

Add as many shelves as you can

Make this room as practical as possible. A small laundry room is far more convenient with lots of shelves. Add more than you think you need.

Make use of sliding shelves

Give yourself an easier life with shelves that slide out when needed. This can be done as a DIY task by buying parts like sliding rails.

Put them at different heights

Make your shelves at varying heights for a range of different uses. Consider putting items you don’t use often up high or down low.

Use shelves that fold down

Put up some folding shelves for folding or ironing clothes. You need a special folding bracket for this, but installation isn’t complicated.

Try shelving racks with wheels

You don’t need to put all of your shelves on the wall. Construct or buy a rack with wheels for a lot of extra flexibility.

Top Projects for Laundry Room Shelving

Check out our top DIY laundry room shelving projects for helpful guidance and ideas.

Laundry Room Shelving Videos

Looking to build your own laundry room shelving? Watch our DIY video tutorials.

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