How to Create a Stylish Floor-to-Ceiling Headboard Wall: Easy DIY

Marcia Socas
by Marcia Socas

If you're looking to easily elevate the style of your bedroom without breaking the bank, consider creating a floor-to-ceiling headboard wall. This cheap DIY headboard idea not only adds a touch of creativity to your space but also serves as a focal point.

In this guide, I'll walk you through the simple steps to achieve this stylish and budget-friendly headboard.

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Tools and Materials:

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DIY floor-to-ceiling headboard

1. Planning and Spacing

Use your existing small headboard as a guide for spacing.

Budget-friendly headboard project

Floor-to-ceiling headboard walls look best when balanced, so place two brick molds on either side and secure them with painter's tape temporarily. This allows you to step back and assess the spacing before permanent attachment.

Easy bedroom makeover ideas

2. Securing the Outer Edges

Once satisfied with the spacing, use a nail gun to secure the brick molding in place.

Creative headboard DIY

The outer edges will frame the entire headboard wall, providing a clean and polished look.

Affordable headboard inspiration

3. Establishing the Center Pieces

Dedicate time to space the center pieces between the outer edges evenly.

Stylish room upgrade on a budget

Once pleased with the arrangement, use the nail gun to secure them in place.

Quick and chic headboard solution

Now continue adding molding making sure to evenly space each piece.

Use caulk for a seamless appearance

To achieve a seamless finish, apply caulking along the sides of the brick molding.

Easy DIY headboard

This step ensures a uniform appearance, making your floor-to-ceiling headboard look like one continuous piece.

Paint the floor to ceiling headboard

4. Applying Paint

After allowing the caulking to dry, it's time to add a fresh coat of paint. Opt for several coats of white paint to give your headboard wall a cohesive and polished appearance.

Headboard ideas

5. Final Touches and Decor

Once the paint is dry, move the furniture back into the room, make the beds, and dive into decorating. This easy DIY headboard not only adds visual interest but is also an affordable bedroom upgrade.

More Headboard Ideas

If you are looking for another affordable idea for updating your bedroom, read this How To Build a Simple DIY Rattan Headboard tutorial.

Bedroom Update creative headboard ideas

Floor-to-Ceiling Headboard Tutorial

There you have it – a quick and budget-friendly way to revamp your bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling headboard wall. This cheap DIY headboard project proves that stylish transformations don't need to be complicated or expensive.

Give this idea a shot, and don't forget to share your experience and any unique twists you've added in the comments.

Marcia Socas
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  • Tam Tam on Jan 16, 2024
    Wow...looks reallllllly good! Classy nautical! Great job!
  • N. G. Londonderry N. G. Londonderry on Jan 17, 2024
    The supposed “ brick molds” aren’t shaped like bricks . They just look like vertical pieces of wood. ?????
    • Marcia Socas Marcia Socas on Jan 17, 2024
      If you look at the shape from the end, it is rectangular. I believe they use the shape to name the pieces this way, for example the way quarter round is named is due to it having a quarter of a circle shape when you look at it from the end. If you look on home depot you can see the various brick moulding if you just search it that way. The pieces used in this project are also known as s4s molding. You should be able to find this very plain shape, or whatever works best for your project, in the hardware store. They have lots of different versions and some are more decorative than others. I hope this helps!