Affordable Window Privacy Idea: How to Use Elmer's Glue to Frost Glass

Angel Nichole
by Angel Nichole

Looking for a beautiful, affordable, and renter-friendly window privacy idea? I've got the perfect DIY solution using Elmer's School Glue. This simple project not only adds a layer of privacy but can also be removed easily, not to mention, it adds a touch of style!

Follow my steps as I show you how to frost a window with Elmer's glue turning them into a chic and functional privacy feature.

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Tools and Materials:

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Elmer's glue frosted window

1. Clean Your Window Surface

Begin by giving your window a thorough cleaning.

Clean your window

Make sure to remove any dirt or grime to ensure a smooth application of the Elmer's glue for optimal results.

Stick masking tape in a pattern on the glass

2. Optional Masking Tape Design

If you're feeling creative, use masking tape to create an abstract design on your window. This step is entirely optional, so feel free to skip it if you prefer a simpler look.

Elmer's glue window privacy ideas

3. Apply Elmer's Glue

Pour Elmer's Glue into a tray and use a sponge roller to apply it evenly on the window.

Elmer's glue window frosting

Be cautious not to oversaturate the roller; a thin, even layer works best for a smooth finish.

Cover window in white school glue

For a consistent and polished appearance, roll the window in one direction while applying the Elmer's glue.

What to put on windows for privacy

4. Remove Masking Tape

If you opted for the masking tape design, carefully remove it before the glue dries. This step allows for clean lines and a well-defined pattern.

DIY privacy window

5. Let Elmer's Glue Dry

Allow the Elmer's glue to dry completely. Once dry, you'll have a fabulous privacy window that can be easily removed without leaving a trace.

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How to frost windows with white school glue

Window Privacy Ideas: Frosted Glass with Elmer's Glue

This budget-friendly Elmer's Glue window hack is ideal for renters and anyone seeking affordable yet stylish privacy solutions.

I'd love to hear about your experience with this Elmer's Glue frosted glass technique and any unique twists you've added to make it your own!

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  • Nancy Miller Nancy Miller on Jan 15, 2024
    How do you remove the glue when you move?
  • Spa49581079 Spa49581079 on Jan 17, 2024
    That is amazing and beautiful thanks for sharing but I have one question how do you wash windows with the glue because a lot of windows get mold from hot / cold 🥴🫣
  • Jackie Tomlinson Jackie Tomlinson on Feb 26, 2024
    Can you use Elmer’s glitter glue?
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  • Joyce Joyce on Feb 27, 2024
    what happens to the glue when the sun is beating down on the window, seems to me that it would start to melt . just saying
  • Pamela Gipson Pamela Gipson on Mar 02, 2024
    There would be no way to clean the window! Design fail!