DIY Cornucopia Craft: How to Make a Stunning Wreath for Thanksgiving

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, abundance, and creativity.

In today's tutorial, I will show you how to DIY a cornucopia wreath that not only captures the essence of Thanksgiving but also fits perfectly into your budget-friendly holiday decor.

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Cornucopia Basket

Tools and Materials:

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Attaching the cornucopia to the wreath with floral wire

1. Secure the Cornucopia Basket

Take the floral wire and feed it through the grapevine wreath and the cornucopia basket.

Affordable DIY cornucopia wreath tutorial

Tie it securely in place, ensuring it's firmly attached.

Cut the eucalyptus into single stems

2. Add Fall Eucalyptus

Enhance the wreath with fall eucalyptus, known for its dark green color and hints of amber and dark brown. Purchase flowers out of season and when there are discounts, if possible, to keep your crafts budget-friendly.

Craft a budget-friendly Thanksgiving cornucopia wreath

Begin by cutting single stems of the eucalyptus from the bunch.

Adding Fall Eucalyptus

Arrange the eucalyptus inside the cornucopia and below it for an elegant look.

Holiday decor ideas

I like to use a glue skillet to attach my decorations but feel free to use a glue gun.

Fill the cornucopia with pumpkins

3. Fill Your Basket

Now, it's time to fill your cornucopia with the bounties of the season. You can choose from a variety of options like pumpkins, oranges, grapes, pomegranates, or any artificial fruits really. Be creative and make it your own!

Decorating with cornucopias and pumpkins for fall

I chose to use three pumpkins of varying sizes. These pumpkins had stems, which makes it simple to position them within the cornucopia wreath. If your pumpkins lack stems, you can insert skewers into them to act as makeshift stems that you can use to poke into your autumn wreath.

Sunflower spray

4. Incorporate Large Flowers

Now we are going to elevate our wreath with some large flowers.

Create depth with sunflowers at different life stages

I chose to use sunflowers that I cut into single stems. Sunflowers are perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to a wreath.

Cornucopia wreath with pumpkins and sunflowers

Place the largest flower strategically in the front.

Placing large blooms to elevate your wreath

Vary the placement of the other flower stems for height and visual appeal.


When selecting flowers, consider different stages of bloom—full-size blooms, freshly opened blooms, and tighter buds. This variety adds depth and visual interest to your wreath. Place them artfully among the pumpkins and eucalyptus.

Adding finesse with delicate filler flowers

5. Introduce Filler Flowers

To soften the wreath's overall appearance and complement the larger elements, introduce filler flowers. These can include grasses with berries, miniature sunflowers, or even foam and felt flowers.

Holiday wreath ideas

Filler flowers add finesse to your creation.

Horn of plenty wreath

6. Fluff and Final Touches

After completing your design, fluff out any elements that may need adjustment. This step can be perfected once the wreath is hanging up. Minimal fluffing should be required for this well-balanced wreath.

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How to create a cornucopia wreath for Thanksgiving

DIY Cornucopia Holiday Wreath Tutorial

And there you have it—a stunning DIY cornucopia Thanksgiving wreath that embodies the spirit of the holiday.

I hope you've enjoyed creating this beautiful piece of holiday decor. It's a fantastic addition to your Thanksgiving celebrations, whether hanging on your door or adorning another area of your home.

I'd love to see your DIY Thanksgiving door decor! Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and photos in the comments below.

Don't forget to share this cornucopia craft with your friends and family who appreciate the beauty of handmade holiday decor.

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