How to DIY Vintage Christmas Ornaments | A Timeless Holiday Craft

Are you tired of those generic, shiny Christmas ornaments that just don't match your style? I've got the perfect solution for you.

I’m going to show you how to transform your ordinary Yuletide baubles into stunning DIY vintage Christmas ornaments.

Get ready to add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your holiday decor with this gorgeous project.

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Tools and Materials:

Remove the tops of the baubles

1. Prep Your Ornaments for Makeover

Begin by removing the tops of your Christmas baubles.

How to give Christmas ornaments a vintage makeover

Insert a skewer into each one, providing a convenient way to stand them up and allow them to dry without touching any surfaces.

Creative ornament painting techniques

2. Paint Your Ornaments

In this Christmas ornaments makeover, we're going to enhance them with different textures.

Paint all your ornaments in your chosen colors.

Sprinkle baking soda over the painted bauble

3. Create a Rusted Texture on Half Your Ornaments

Now, select a few of the painted ornaments and give them a fresh coat of paint using the same color, but this time, incorporate baking soda into the paint mixture while applying it.

Creating textured ornaments with baking soda paint

This will create the textured effect you're aiming for.

Comparing flat painted and textured ornament

Apply this paint mixture to the ornaments, covering them evenly. Allow them to dry.

Create a rusty look with cocoa powder

Once dry we can create a corroded look using cocoa powder.

Dip clear glue painted baubles into cocoa powder

To add this rusted effect apply a coat of clear glue to these ornaments and then, dust them with cocoa powder.

How to makeover Christmas ornaments with texture

Allow them to dry and brush off the excess cocoa powder.

Vintage-inspired Christmas decorations

To heighten the aged effect add a little bit of bronze paint in a few areas on the bauble.

Aged Christmas ornament DIY

Once the paint dries, you'll have rusty vintage homemade Christmas ornaments.

Painting techniques for old Christmas decorations

4. Add a Vintage Powdery Coating to Leftover Ornaments

The leftover ornaments will get a beautiful vintage, powdery appearance.

Add clear glue to the bauble and roll it in baking soda

Apply a coat of clear glue to an ornament and then roll it in baking soda.

DIY ornaments: Vintage holiday crafting

Once the glue dries, brush off the excess powder with a soft-bristled paintbrush.

Powdery Christmas Ornament

You are now left with gorgeous faux-aged ornaments.

Paint the caps

5. Update the Bauble Caps

While your ornaments are drying, take a moment to revamp the little caps that go on the top of each ornament. If they look too bright and shiny, apply some bronze metallic paint to give them an older, worn appearance.

Reattach the caps

Let everything dry thoroughly.

DIY vintage look for holiday ornaments

Then thread matching cord through the cap holes to hang the baubles.

Expand Your Ornament-Making Repertoire

Explore a treasure trove of ornament ideas and inspiration in our DIY Christmas Ornament guide.

Transforming shiny ornaments into vintage treasures

DIY Vintage Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

With the transformation of your ordinary ornaments into charming DIY vintage treasures, your holiday decor is now infused with a touch of yesteryear's elegance.

These beauties radiate nostalgia and coziness, perfect for creating that vintage holiday vibe.

Vintage Yuletide baubles

If you've tried making these vintage DIY Christmas ornaments or have other creative ideas for aging baubles, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Sheila Sheila on Sep 25, 2023
    They look great! I'd heard of using cinnamon for texture/aging, but not cocoa powder. FYI, in the article I read, cinnamon was encouraged as a deterrent to bugs/rodents. These are very attractive "antique" ornaments!