No Fireplace? Here's How to Make a DIY Stocking Holder Stand

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Tired of searching for the perfect spot to hang your Christmas stockings? Look no further! In this project, I'll guide you through building a simple DIY stocking holder stand.

With easy-to-follow steps and readily available materials, you'll have a practical and festive solution for displaying your stockings this holiday season, even if you don't have a fireplace. Let's get started!

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Tools and materials

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Scrap wood at a lumber yard

1. Build the stand

For today's project, let's head down to the local lumberyard. It's time to grab some scrap wood.

Placing the 4x4 on the base

Place the 4x4 on the base

I grabbed a nice big thick board for the base and a 4x4 post. Put it right in the middle, but how do we attach it? Well, I used some corner braces.

Drilling pilot holes

Drill pilot holes

Drill some pilot holes. These will keep the board from splitting when I put the screws in. Just a small little drill bit with a drill will work great.

Screwing the corner braces in

Screw the corner braces in

Slide the post right up, pre-drill it, and install the screws where they need to go. I put one in the front and one in the back, and it's really strong.

Gluing the cap to the top

2. Glue the cap to the top

I don't want some bare wood on top, so we're adding a cap. We use glue instead of driving a nail that you can see through the top.

Placing the cap on top

Place it on top, give a little bit of weight on top, and in about 30 minutes, it's solid right on top.

Priming and painting the wood

3. Prime and paint the wood

A lot of people like to just go ahead and paint first. I like to prime. It gives the paint something to stick to, and you don't have any peeling later.

So I took the stand outside, put some cardboard underneath, and just primed every bit of wood. It actually looks really good once you get the primer on there.

Wrapping tape around the post

4. Wrap tape around the post

Take some two-inch tape and start wrapping it all around the post at an angle. Just take it all the way up. Take your time. We want this to look good.

Make sure the sides of the tape are sealed, though. We don't want any paint getting underneath.

Applying red paint to the post

5. Apply red paint

Grab some red paint and foam brush, then start painting. Now, you'll see I don't paint up towards the tape. I paint away from it. I don't want any bleed underneath that tape; I want some nice, crisp lines.

We want to make sure that we get two good coats, but make sure it dries in between the coats.

Peeling the tape off the post

6. Peel the tape off

Once you get those coats on, start peeling that tape off. It's actually kind of fun. I used this swinging board that I made earlier. It gave some nice, crisp lines. I thought it turned out pretty good.

If you need to do some touch-up paint, go ahead and do it.

Attaching the hooks to the post

7. Attach the hooks

Now we put some hooks on. I just need three. Again, just like we did with the braces, we're going to mark our holes, pre-drill, and install it. I put these at random spots on the post to hang the stockings.

DIY stocking stand
DIY stocking holder stand

DIY stocking holder stand

Just look at that. It's nice and strong, and it turned out beautiful. A lot of us don't have fireplaces, so this DIY stocking holder stand works great. I hope you enjoyed this DIY stocking stand.

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