Craft With Corn: How to Craft a Stunning Colorful Corn Husk Wreath

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

Get your crafty spirit ready for a fun and rewarding project! In this seasonal DIY adventure, I'm going to show you how to create a rustic corn husk wreath allowing you to infuse your space with natural beauty and a unique touch.

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Tools and Materials:

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Step-by-step corn wreath tutorial

1. Preparing the Base

First, grab your 14-inch straw base. You can find them in different sizes at craft stores, including smaller and larger ones. They're quite affordable, usually just a few dollars.

Colorful corn with husks

2. Choose Your Corn

Select your colorful corn, these should still have the husks on. The beauty of this handmade craft lies in the natural variety of corn colors available. These colors are not artificially dyed; they're Mother Nature's artwork.

DIY straw wreath with colorful corn husks

3. Wire the Corn

Use the paddle wire to attach the corn to the wreath.

Wrap floral wire around the corn

Cut pieces of wire about 4 to 5 inches long and wrap them around where the corn meets the husk. This will create a stable pick to insert into the straw wreath.

Add glue to the floral wire pick

4. Craft Your Wreath

Now comes the fun part!

Start placing the colorful corn into the straw wreath until it's full and vibrant. Apply hot glue to the wire picks before sticking them into the wreath. This will make your corn cob wreath more stable and ensure it lasts for many years.

Insert the corn into the wreath form

Make sure to spread out the colors, so you don't place similar ones right next to each other.

Designing a corn wreath with varying colors

Mix and match for a delightful pattern.

DIY corn husk wreath

5. Add Some Depth

To make your wreath look even more interesting, put some larger corn pieces on the outer edges and fill any gaps with smaller ones if you have them.

Creative seasonal decor; Corn wreath

This will give your wreath a fuller and more unique appearance.

Crafting a rustic corn husk wreath for fall

6. Embrace Imperfection

Don't worry about placing every corn husk perfectly straight. Embrace a natural, informal style. Mixing up the placement of the corn pieces on the wreath will give it depth and character.

Colorful corn husk wreath

Corn and Husk Wreath Tutorial

And there you have it, your very own stunning corn husk wreath - a testament to your crafty skills and the magic of nature.

The natural beauty of colorful corn

May your wreath bring warmth and creativity to your home for seasons to come.

Once your wreath is complete, don't forget to share a photo. I'd love to see your unique creation.

Nick Kreticos
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