How To Create Stunning 3D Butterfly Wall Decor From a Metal Whisk

If you’re looking to add a touch of spring to your home, then this 3D butterfly wall decor tutorial is perfect for you. It’s simple, fun, and incredibly rewarding.

Plus, it’s a great way to use those dollar store metal whisks!

Let’s dive into this DIY butterfly wall decor project

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How to make 3D butterfly wall decor

1. Prepare Your Whisk

Grab your metal whisk and let's start crafting!

Turn whisks into butterflies for decorations on wall

Begin by bending two wire hoops to one side and the other two to the opposite side.

DIY crafts with whisks

Bend the remaining hoop down in the middle.

Handmade wall art

The side hoops will form the butterfly wings, and the middle hoop will become the antennae.

Crafting 3D butterfly decorations

2. Cut the Middle Wire

Using wire cutters, carefully cut the middle wire at its top.

Homemade 3D butterfly wall hangings

This will help us shape the antennae later.

Simple home projects

3. Wrap the Wings

Now, it's time to create those beautiful wings. Wrap each wire hoop with string.

Dollar store whisk butterfly project

Start at the bottom of the hoop, securing the first bit of string with a dab of hot glue.

Easy butterfly wall decor tutorial

Continue wrapping the string around the hoop, adding small dabs of hot glue every so often to keep it secure.

Budget-friendly crafts

When you reach the end, cut off any excess string.

Step-by-step butterfly wall decor

Repeat this process for each hoop.

Artistic home decor

4. Wrap the Handle

Don't forget the handle! Wrap it in string too.

Wall Decor with a Whisk

Begin with a dab of hot glue at the top, then wrap and glue your way to the bottom of the handle.

Creative wall art ideas

5. Shape the Antennae

For the final touch, let's shape those middle wires into antennae. Bend the tops to form little curves. If you want, you can wrap just the tops in a bit of string for added detail.

Want to add more butterflies to your home?

Try this Butterfly Mirror project, where you can use paper butterflies and a wreath frame to make a gorgeous mirror!

Wall-mounted butterfly decor

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3D Butterfly Wall Decor: A Fun & Simple Craft Project

And there you have it! You've just made a charming DIY flying butterfly from a metal whisk. These cute butterflies are perfect for adding a touch of spring to any room.

Butterfly decoration ideas on wall

You can make as many as you like and hang them up to create a stunning butterflies wall art display.

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  • Cathy Cathy 5 days ago
    Adorable!! ❤️ You are so creative!! I would never be able to look at a whisk and see a butterfly - but I will now!! Thanks for sharing.
  • Christy Christy 5 days ago
    So cute and creative!! So many possibilities!!