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How to paint a new fiberglass exterior door?

We installed a new fiberglass door with what looks like plastic molding around the glass insert. We need to paint interior one color and exterior another. What type... See more

What color should I paint this table for the family room?

I want to paint this table for my family room. The family room is grey, white black and touches of yellow.
q what color should i paint this table for the family room

How to paint cloth furniture?

you posted a link on painting chairs a while back and it had what to use to finish them with to make them playable it was some kind of wax but I didn't write it down... See more

Help with paint color?

Hi I need help please, my house is currently on the market. My realtor suggested to Paint the walls a neutral but with so many grays and greigs out there I am... See more
q help with paint color

How to keep the rust look on iron railings?

The railing is rusted from the weather and I want to keep that lookhow do I clean it up and keep the rust look I don't want to paint it.But I need to put something on... See more

How do I paint an old chest?

What is the best type of paint to use on a chest? Any suggestions?

How to best choose paint for old cabinet?

What is the best paint to use to paint an old cabinet that is from 1920-1930?

Whitewash or paint, suggestions?

Whitewashing walls- we purchased a cottage which has natural wood walls. The cottage is fairly dark being natural Douglas fir boards. Not wanting to loose the... See more

What color feature wall should I choose?

What color feature wall would flow with my living room I have dark walnut color sofas n chairs lighter earth color floors and white walls

What should I put on top of Chaulk paint for a seal ?

Do I use wax, varnish, poly urethane? I would love some advice . Painting bathroom vanity.

How to prevent exterior paint from bubbling?

We have scraped and primed our cedar siding. After applying 1 coat of paint there are spots that are bubbling. Looks like a big air bubbly when the sun shines on it... See more

How to paint my kitchen cabinets?

Ok so I'm wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets white how would i go about it with the type i have?
q kitchen cabinets

How to paint over “oak color” veneer cabinets, to make them white?

what procedure do you take to paint over “oak color” veneer cabinets, to make them white?