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How do I choose a paint color for windowless bathroom?

I have a small bathroom that only has three lights over the mirror and the current paint color is gray. The room is dark and doll. Can anyone provide ideas for... See more
q paint color for windowless bathroom

How do I make chalk paint?

I want to make my own chalk paint. How do I make it?

How do I restore the lettering on a memorial grave site?

The Grave site is a Bronze Marker with Gold Lettering which over time tends to fade. The folks at the Veterans Cemetary have strict rules and regulations so any... See more

What can I use for a protective coating on a painted counter?

I want to paint my kitchen counter tops to look like granite. I need to put a protective coating on it when painted but I don’t want to use a 2 part epoxy. What can I... See more

How do I distress white wash wall?

I have a big wall that I want it to look like, distress wood. It has a dark green ish brown color on it already. I would like that to be the color that picks out on... See more

What is the best paint remover for a wrought iron bench?

I spray painted my wrought iron white bench on my porch over the years, now it has built up paint and is not smooth, I want to refinish it. What should I use?

What color should I paint the addition on my brick house? HELP!!!!!

Note: the tall bushes in the front along with the yellow forsythia is gone. The under trimming of the roof is brown.
q what color should i paint the addition on my brick house help

What is the best glass spray paint?

I want to spray different COLORED glass items, such as hobnail & latge candle holders, etc

What is the best way to paint wire shelving for bedroom closet?

I have the boring white wire halving in my bedroom closet. It is a walk in closet but is really small. I want to paint them black just for something different. Was... See more

How do I hand paint a piece of tile?

What technique would I follow?

How can I patch/paint a chipped floor tile?

How can I patch/paint a chipped floor tile? It’s in the middle of the kitchen, so replacing is not an option

How to paint carpet?

What is the best type of paint to use to stencil a design on an area rug?

Can I repaint aluminum siding?

The paint on my aluminum siding has peeled off in spots on my garage. I would like to have it repainted but don't know how to do it. The side facing the summer sun is... See more

How do I paint a mural?

I have a large wall in my hallway and I want to paint a tree with long branches going towards the guest bedroom and the office. I don't know the color or type of... See more
q how do i paint a mural

How do I paint a metal door?


How does one paint a concrete statue?

I have a small boy staute reading a book that needs painting. How do I go about doing that? I bought a little girl reading a book to go along the little boy which has... See more

How do I repaint our bedroom doors?

Whatever paint was used first on our doors refuses to accept new paint. If we Nick the paint moving furniture it peels. I think maybe an oil paint was used... See more
q how do i repaint our bedroom doors