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How can I paint over wallpapered wall in my trailer?

How can I paint over some walls in an old trailer that has some kind of wallpaper on them

Should I paint my walls the same same color as the back of the bookcas

Painted back of book shelves. Should I paint the rest of the room the same color? Open concept living, dinning, kitchen. This is in dinning room area?

How do paint my tile floor?

I want to paint my tile kitchen floor. What’s the best technique for doing this?

How do I know which kind of paint to use on my kitchen cupboards?

Would prefer something that requires little or no sanding .

What shades of grey should I choose?

We are painting 4 walls 2 shades of grey. One shade above a hair rail the other below. Which shade goes above the light or the dark?

How do I spray paint?

Want to spray paint my kitchen chandelier. Easiest way? It has a chain. I have several ideas. Just would like to know should I do chain first, then the body? Or opposite? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

How do I paint a carpet?

Just wondering if you can paint carpet?

How do I choose a color for my bathroom?

I have a rust colored tile on my bathroom floor which I’m stuck with! What colors could I use that would work with the tile...not green or yellow...something neutral. What color walls should I do and what color should I accent with? I have a white vanity. Thanks!
q bathroom color

What is the best way to prep kitchen cabinets to paint?

We have wooden oak cabinets in our kitchen that are needing a facelift. I would like to just paint them, but do we need to sand them all down, or is there some other sort of prep that I can do that won't require sanding them all???

How do I mirrorize a dresser or nightstand?

Hi D.IY.ourselfers. I want the look of high end mirrored furniture without buying it. Would you suggest a high gloss metallic chrome paint ( maybe a faux finish? Or what? Easy and fast are my favorite ways. Please help! Thanks