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Clean a white cloth sofa.

How do I clean dirty laminate cabinets?

I have cabinets with 19 yrs of grease,dirt, i dont know what.The cabinets r laminate.I tried different things nothing seems to work. HELP!!!!

How can I get a pet urine stain out of a carpet?

It has been there for a while and have tried many different cleaners.

How do I clean white painted brick?

We have white painted brick. Any ideas of good way to get green stuff off? It’s not moss. Looks like discoloration, maybe mildew or green mold?

How do I remove paint from a cobalt blue wine bottle?

I have a beautiful Cobalt blue wine bottle with paint on it. Can the paint be removed?

How to clean battery compartment?

I have new battery lighted garland that has corrosion in the battery box. Forgot to remove batteries last year & they leaked. Can it be cleaned??

How do I clean the glass window in my gas oven?

My oven is self cleaning. But we all know that really does a good job of getting us started, but leaves a lot more work to be done. I need pointers on how to clean that horrible glass window in the oven. Thanks, GGranny Springfield Missouri

How do I clean my car headlights?

How to clean my car headlights

Is it difficult to keep shiplap walls clean?

Does dust accumulate in the cracks?

How do I clean glass shower doors?

Is there a more natural way to clean glass shower doors and walls without using store-bought glass cleaner?