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Best way to clean 1970’s kitchen cabinets

I remember it contains Dawn...my cabinets exactly...can’t find where I “saved”it !?!?

How to clean beige faux leather chairs?

I have two beige faux leather chairs but my husbands is going grey and I can’t get it clean. I think it’s ftom his jeans what can I clean them with?

How can I clean my coffee pot?

Why doesn't Walmart carry Brew Rite coffee pot cleaner anymore? Because I also use it to clean my canning jars. Because my husband does NOT believe in cleaning them... See more

How to get the shine back in my kitchen sink?

I have a stainless steel sink that is only 3 years old. No matter how much I clean it, or what I clean it with, it always looks dirty. How do I clean it to get the... See more

How do I remove mold found behind ceiling register/air vents?

Or is it even necessary to remove it? Could I just put my new ceiling registers up over it?

Clean concrete patio safely ?

How can I safely clean a small concrete patio which is surrounded by shrubs and evergreens? It looks dirty with black mold(?) covering most of it. Thank you.

How do you remove blood stains.

How do you remove blood stains?