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How to clean a mirror with vinegar?
Abby Abby Answered 6 days ago

Vinegar seems to be the answer to everything. So how do I use it to clean my mirror?

How do I clean a rusty bathtub?
Kathy Powers Kathy Powers Answered 6 days ago

There are several metallic stains and other stains that bleach and lime remover don't remove. Part of the ceramic coat is gone! Any help, please. I'm sure my landlord... See more

How to clean smoke smell out of pillows?
Maggie Maggie Answered 7 days ago

How do I wash pillows to remove the smell of smoke?

How to kill flies with out harming my indoor rabbits.
Nicky Dolman Nicky Dolman Answered 7 days ago

I have 50 bunnies that live indoors. They all live in hutches. They are cleaned out religiously 2 times a week in the winter and everyday in the summer. Flies can be... See more

How do I use fabric softener to make DIY air fresheners?
Stephanie Stephanie Answered 7 days ago

Make air fresheners out of unstoppable fabric softner

How can I clean cobwebs and a musty smell out of an old basement?
Chris Chris Answered on Sep 12, 2023

What’s the best way to clean all the cobwebs and musty smell out of an old basement??? Can’t hid the shop vac while trying to reach the webs up in the rafters

How to clean paint brushes with paint thinner?
Abby Abby Answered on Sep 10, 2023

How to clean paint brushes with paint thinner?

How do I make a cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda?
Gail Davis McGough Gail Davis McGough Answered on Sep 06, 2023

how do I make a cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda

Plastic stuck on glass sunroom window. How do I get it off?
Michelle Delgadillo Michelle Delgadillo Answered on Sep 02, 2023

We bought our home in Nov. 2013 and I noticed in the sunroom (built on the back patio slab) that the North window had this plastic (very thin) stuck on it. It's as if... See more

Please repost how to remove printing from plastic cartons
Joyce Bell Joyce Bell Answered on Jul 31, 2023

I know that they used acetone but I forgot the other item I was supposed to use. I have several cartons, like Cool Whip where the printing is right on the container.... See more

How do I soften a Muslin Cotton blanket?
Tanya S Tanya S Answered on Jul 29, 2023

I bought an expensive muslin cotton blanket that I was told will “get softer over time” but how do I speed up the process? It is already preshrunk so washing in w... See more

Will the 20% vinegar weed killer effect concrete and asphalt?
Scott Giese Scott Giese Answered on Jul 29, 2023

Being highly acidic, could the vinegar weed killer cause damage to concrete and asphalt? It sounds like it just might be a little harsh on them.

How can I get rid of basil pests naturally
Cassie Cassie Answered on Jul 14, 2023

Anyone able to tell me what is eating my basil and how to get rid of it (organic garden)?

How can I clean the smell of cat urine out of my garage and vents?
Katie Ettestad Katie Ettestad Answered on Jul 12, 2023

My cat peed in my garage a couple of times. I have cleaned it up the smell is still there in my garage very strong. Now it comes through my heating vents in my house.... See more

how do you soften baking soda which has hardened
Sharon G Sharon G Answered on Jul 01, 2023

I purchased a huge bag of baking soda for cleaning. It has become a rock. How do I soften it so I can use up the bag?

What is a safe way to remove coffee stains from dentures?
Velma Velma Answered on Jul 01, 2023

i started drinking dunkin donut coffee, (the ground kind, in a coffee pot) and started to notice my dentures were beginning to stain. what is a safe way to clean? ha... See more

How do I remove old paint from Radiators & what kind of paint to use?
Claire Vessot Claire Vessot Answered on Jul 01, 2023

I have chipped paint on the radiators. I’d love to strip or repaint them. Any products or suggestions?

What can I do to remove the old house smell from my 100 year old house
Andrea Ruch Andrea Ruch Answered on Jul 01, 2023

I’ve tried everything, cleaning thoroughly, fabreeze. Mr clean, etc

How to get rid of the peppermint oil odor?
Chubby58 Chubby58 Answered on Jun 29, 2023

I spilled a 4 ounce bottle of essential peppermint oil. It went all over the counter, down the dishwasher and on my hardwood floor. I have cleaned it all up, but the ... See more

How can I clean out odors in the basement from flooding?
Rachael Rachael Answered on Jun 23, 2023

Hi, I am desperate for suggestions on how to get rid of the musty smell in basement. My basement just recently flooded via sub pump and now the whole house smells of ... See more