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How to use everyday things to give Christmas decor more height?

I have a wall of built-in bookcases in my den. Many of the Christmas decorations I have (small Christmas houses, snow globes, Christmas figures, candles, etc.) are... See more

What is the easiest way to refinish a coffee table?

Hi everyone. If anyone knows how to refinish a wood coffee table with permanent marker on the top and the easiest way possible due to severe Rhuematoid arthritis . If... See more

Can you please help?

Hi I was wondering if you could advise me on how to make this ceiling decoration.
q can you please help

How can I make DIY car fresheners?

I need to know what kind of wax to use for car scents to use and where to get it

Gnomes galore?

Got so many wonderful ideas for gnomes. I made some with socks and rice/beans and some with paintbrushes as ornaments. Super easy, super “inexpensive”. Kind of... See more
q gnomes galore

How can I make an outdoor Christmas tree?

Ideas for making an outdoor Christmas tree for the patio

How can I paint a clear vessel sink?

I have a clear vessel sink and it always seems dirty cause u can see everything within l.e tooth paste water spot I would like to paint it but have no clue i really... See more

How can I update a deep window sill?

We are remodeling our kitchen with white cabinets in modern Ikea style. Tile backsplash. Not sure what to do with this useful spave/ window sill.
q deep window sill how to update

How do I make DIY granulated soap?

I used a soap in a restuarant that left my hands so soft I did not need to apply lotion. I am looking for the ingredients and how to make the soap.

How do i make a dog bed out of palletts?

I need a large dog bed instructions to build a palletts dog bed

How do I fix bottom leg support on dinning room chair?

I have tried to glue the chair back together many times I have also tried putting in new serrated wooden dowel pegs to no avail. This is the support rung between the... See more

How do I use copper pipes to build a DIY flower stand?

How do i use copper pipes building flower stand?

Tek screws failed, now what to use?

The cedar & steel frame privacy fence is showing its’ age & four reamer-type self-tapping screws have fallen out and their cedar boards with them. The only thing I... See more
q tek screws failed now what to use

How to get rid of dead foxtail weed in the yard

We have had our yard INFESTED with the foxtail weed. We sprayed the yard and killed all the weeds but now the barbs are just laying there and not decomposing. It is... See more
q foxtails weeds, gardening, gardening pests, plant care

Storing craft pain?

Please give me ideas on ways to store bottles of craft paint. Longer I live in small apartment, the more wonderful things I acquire. Left all those things when I... See more