Asked on Nov 02, 2014

Plastic stuck on glass sunroom window. How do I get it off?

We bought our home in Nov. 2013 and I noticed in the sunroom (built on the back patio slab) that the North window had this plastic (very thin) stuck on it. It's as if the previous owner used a paste or the heat to stick plastic. It's ugly and not uniform. It clouds the view and I want to get it off w/o scratching the glass. Does anybody have any natural ideas. I'm sensitive to chemicals, but can handle them with care. So I won't turn away ANY ideas. Thanks! Michelle
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  • Dee Dee on Nov 02, 2014
    Try fabric softener in a spray bottle. Let it sit and then use a razor blade to scrape it off.

  • Joy Joy on Nov 03, 2014
    try a hair dryer.

  • Sounds as though there was a radiant barrier film installed on the glass. Simply use a safety razor and carefully scrape the film off. Its not glued on, although it seems that way. The plastic film over years becomes brittle and darkens which is why it looks as it does. Its a time consuming project. No chemicals or soaps are going to work as the surface is plastic and liquids will not get through the surface to do any good. Once you got the majority of the film off, then a good quality ammonia based window cleaner and another fresh razor will remove the gooey film left over. Buy lots of blades and a good quality holder as your going to go through a lot of them and your hands are going to be tired. Once your all done when it gets dark out. Take a lit match and hold it close to the glass surface. Look for how many reflections of the flame it is that you see. If you have a double pane glass that is not low E type you will only see two flames in the reflection. Thus the reason for the film being installed. If you see three flames then you have Low E glass and the film that was installed was simply used to darken the room preventing light from coming in. You do not want a low E film installed on glass that already has it as it will prevent the radiant Low E barrier from working at all. have fun, its not a fun job and there are no quick tricks for it.