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How do I Tile on top of tile?

How do I Install tile on tile backsplash ?

Can I tile over existing wall tile?

I have a shower that I would like to re tile walls only. Is it possible that I can tile over the existing tile without. I do not want to go through the mess of... See more

How do I use pennys to tile my shower ?

I have a guest bathroom that has an ugly shower floor and I want to use pennies to cover it; how do I do that?

What kind of paint for the grout of my tiles?

I want to buy the paint to make my grout looking better. What is the best paint for the grout?

Which type of thinset mortar?

I'm about to tile our bathroom with beautiful marble tiles (12" x 12"). Is there a specific thinset mortar which works better with marble tiles compared to mortar... See more

Replacing tile floor question

I have ceramic tile on my kitchen and bathroom floors, can l lay selfsticking vinyl squares over the tiles. Thank you.

How to seal sharpies/alcolhol tiles ?

I really love your creativity and was just wondering if you have managed to figure out how to seal the tiles painted with sharpies and alcohol?

How to add grout to existing grout on a floor with Mexican tiles?

I have a sun room that has Mexican tiles for the floor. Over the years some of the grout has disappeared. Would like to know the easier possible way to add grout and... See more
q how to add grout to existing grout on a floor with mexican tiles