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How can I clean a premixed grout?

How can I clean a premixed grout that has the sealant mixed in that has failed? My grout lines look dirty and I have tried several cleaning agents but nothing has... See more

Where can I buy floral peel & stick tiles?

I am looking for a floral type pattern to use as a backsplash for my kitchen I can't seem to find any, any help would do?

Should I use a press on backsplash?

Has anyone used the press on backsplash tiles for kitchen and do you recommend them

How do I tile a bathroom?

hoW do I tile bathroom do I remove skirting boards

Should I continue the backsplash on the other wall?

We are putting in a backsplash. 2 pictures. Pic #1 - Side of kitchen almost done. Pic #2 - The backsplash will go on the wall behind sink. BUT...should it also be on... See more
q backsplash advice

How can you tile a granite backsplash?

I have a granite counter and backsplash which is very dark. I would like to add more light into the kitchen by changing the backsplash but it has granite top to... See more

How do I remove colored grout sealer?

I few years ago I got the great idea to color seal all my grout on my kitchen backspash and counters. Any ideas how to remove it with using a drill? I would like to... See more

How do I install a tile that broke in a wall?

There is nothing behind the tile that is missing. How do I get rid of the unsightly hole in the wall and install a tile?