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Deep window sill. How to update?

We are remodeling our kitchen with white cabinets in modern Ikea style. Tile backsplash. Not sure what to do with this useful spave/ window sill.
q deep window sill how to update

Recipe for granulated soap?

I used a soap in a restuarant that left my hands so soft I did not need to apply lotion. I am looking for the ingredients and how to make the soap.

Is this a real persian rug?

Hi everyone,I have the opportunity to buy a persian rug.Here is the info I have (from the seller, so not sure whats correct):35 years oldparents bought in in... See more

How to stand large pinecones?

What can I use for a base for large pinecones.

How can I subtlely change the color of a lamp shade?

It's too white and I'd like the shade to reflect a yellowly glow.VA.


My last caterpillar appears to be a healthy one. First one out of about 6 of these late bloomers. She has made her chrysalis two days ago. Because ofall the rain and... See more

How can I decorate this space between our kitchen and entryway?

Hi all,How would you decorate/make useful this wall? It is between our kitchen and an entryway. Right now it only has a calendar on it.
q entryway kitchen wall decor

Copper pipes diy

How do i use copper pipes building flower stand?

Walk-in shower slippery

Walk-in shower floor on a new home is made of white fiber glass is very slippery when wet. Any ideas on how to make it no- slippery? I tried sticking things on floor... See more

Retread stairs?

I have carpeted stairs and want to remove carpet and retread stairs with wood plank.

How do i make a dog bed out of palletts?

I need a large dog bed instructions to build a palletts dog bed

How do you make a mock fireplace?

I just bought a t.v. like fireplace and would like to make a mock fireplace to place it on a wall.

Coffee table re-finish?

Hi everyone. If anyone knows how to refinish a wood coffee table with permanent marker on the top and the easiest way possible due to severe Rhuematoid arthritis . ... See more

Improve acoustics

how to improve acoustics in large room with hard surfaces

Chair leg repair?

One leg on a wooden dining chair has split around the bolts top to bottom. What is the best way to repair?

How do I hang a hand towel when there is no wall or cabinet space?

I have a vanity and a large mirror overhead, there is a med cabinet on the one side wall. I have tried to hang a towel from the cabinet molding but it blocks the... See more

How to hide white light string on a green christmas tree?

I have tons of white string lights that I would like to use but I need to know how to hide them with ribbon or garland.

Soap scum?

how can i clean soap scum from stone tile that has no finish on it?

Fix lumpy out of shape cushion on sofa?

I have an old couch thst belonged to my grandmother. Nut I meed to know how to revive lumpy. Flat cushions

Clean brass?

How do I clean brass

How would I cut wine corks longwise in half and they all be even?

I'm going 2 make a few memory boards for a few coworkers. How in the world do I cut them and they all be even.I need them longwise not across. Any suggestions, tips... See more