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How do I install an adhesive backsplash in the kitchen?
Rob Rob Answered on Jan 09, 2024

Wanting to put some kind of adhesive tile backsplash in kitchen, do I need to prep the walls first? I am thinking of the peel and stick covering. Any suggestions woul... See more

How do I redo the grout on the Granite Countertop and the Backsplash?
Betty Rhodes Betty Rhodes Answered on Jan 09, 2024

The grout where it is sealed between the granite countertop and the backsplash is breaking and coming out. What do I use to redo this? What material do I need to bu... See more

Can I use peel and stick tiles on my fireplace?
Mary Mary Answered on Jan 09, 2024

I would like to use stick and peel tiles on this fireplace renovation. Has any body else used them and was it difficult? I want to use them around the black insert. T... See more

Ceramic tile over existing wood deck?
Sandy Rolon Sandy Rolon Answered on Jan 09, 2024

I have a worn out deck and I want to transform it into a tile deck over, with metal railing, is it advisable and doable? pool collapsed in the Sandy Storm. We have h... See more

What is the best tile adhesive to use outdoors on concrete steps?
Deborah Brimner Deborah Brimner Answered on Dec 30, 2023

I am going to decorate my porch steps by adding mosaic tile to the raisers of my concrete steps and would like to know what adhesive would work best. Also what kind o... See more

My new home is 4 months old and the caulk and grout are already crack
Jennifer M Jennifer M Answered on Dec 26, 2023

My home is only 4 months old the caulk and grout are cracking around the edges of the tile in the kitchen and bath. Is it normal for new grout to crack?

Wrong color for tile grout. How can I fix it?
M coppola M coppola Answered on Dec 26, 2023

Chose dark grey grout for white tile, looks awful. What can I do?

How to prevent grout from changing to darker color when wet?
Tcab Tcab Answered on Dec 26, 2023

I have new bathroom floor tiles. I noticed that the grout changed to darker color when wet. My tiles and grout are light gray but the grout change to dark gray when w... See more

How can I brighten and bleach the grout in between subway tiles?
Mimi Mimi Answered on Dec 26, 2023

My subway tiles are white and the grout in between is old and yellow from the shower water.

What is the least amount of grout space for 6x24 inch tile?
Dee Dee Answered on Dec 15, 2023

What is the least amt of grout space do I need for 6x24 inch tile

Should you use grout or caulk around a bathtub?
Rivka Hellendall Rivka Hellendall Answered on Dec 15, 2023

I've seen differing advice online, especially when it comes to between the tub and wall, and as a seal around the bath. Does it depend on the materials? Any advice fr... See more

How can I seal a gap in some cracked grout?
Tracy Tracy Answered on Dec 04, 2023

Got new tiles recently, and noticed a crack in the grout across a few tiles. Tiles are directly beneath washing machine, so afraid there may be seepage. Thanks 😊

How do I fix grout on a tile table top?
Anita Fleming Anita Fleming Answered on Dec 01, 2023

Our dining room table is all tile with a wooden border. It's getting up there in years and though the tile is in near perfect condition the grout or what more accurat... See more

Different color grout on shower walls and shower floor?
Ellen Alpert Rivera Ellen Alpert Rivera Answered on Jun 01, 2023

We are in the process of remodeling our guest/hall bathroom; we removed the tub to create a walk in shower instead. I'm using subway tile on the walls, and penny t... See more

How can I tile a veneer surface?
Littlemiss Littlemiss Answered on Jan 31, 2019

I have a bookcase that has a veneer finish. I want it in my kitchen so intend to paint it but I want to tile the top with mosaic tiles. How can I ensure the grout wi... See more