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How do I maximize the space in a half bath & laundry room combo?
Deb Deb Answered on Sep 02, 2023

I'd like to update the bath to give it more of a "powder room" feel instead of being so utilitarian, but my question here is how to best incorporate a few things to m... See more

My laundry room has plywood walls! What can i do to do a makeover?
Stacey Reynolds Stacey Reynolds Answered on Sep 02, 2023

I do not like the way the walls look but don't want to have to replace walls or just paint over them. O thought about using plaster on the walls and do texture art on... See more

Laundry Room with furnace? How do I make this room cool?
Bubbles Bubbles Answered on Sep 02, 2023

I have a small laundry room with a furnace in it. How do I make this room cool???

How do i cover up my laundry dryer vent that does up the wall
Kathymutter Kathymutter Answered on Sep 02, 2023

my laundry room is at the back entrance of the house and is the first thing people see when they come in. I need to do something to cover/hide the dryer pipe that ru... See more

How can I cover up my washer and dryer?
Susan Barutt Susan Barutt Answered on Sep 02, 2023

Our laundry “room” is actually just a closet. Originally it had bifold doors, but our new washer and dryer stick out of the closet so we had to remove the doors. ... See more

Help! How do I hide my stacked washer and dryer?
Nicole Calvo Nicole Calvo Answered on Sep 01, 2023

Hello! I have a small beach cottage but the landlord got the wrong size washer and dryer for the apartment and it's way bigger then everything else in the kitchen. it... See more

How to soundproof a laundry room?
Amy Poulton Amy Poulton Answered on Jul 03, 2023

I love my laundry room but the noise of the washer and dryer reverberates to the adjacent bedrooms. What is the best way to soundproof a laundry room?